Bernat Viva in Rust The Perfect Thanksgiving Yarn Option

Bernat Viva in Rust is Warm and Beautiful

Bernat Viva in Rust

While on a dangerous trip through the yarn aisle in Walmart I found the perfect yarn for an EASY Thanksgiving slouchy hat. I picked it for the colors only to find out all the other awesome features of this yarn. The Bernat Viva in Rust is lovely.

Then I figured that as long as I tell you about the yarn I should give you the easy slouchy pattern. But lets start with the yarn.

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Finish the Hat with an Easy Decreased Crown Method

How to Finish the Hat with a Flat Top

Finish the Hat

Some patterns shouldn’t have wrinkles or bumps when you finish the hat. There is a simple way to decrease the hat that gives you a nice crown with a flat top. The Flat Drawstring Cast-off is another great method but I find it a bit complicated for some people. Especially at the end when you pull you strings and sometimes they don’t pull correctly. I believe that anyone can manage this technique even true beginners.

Finish the Hat

The first time I did this cast-off was 2013 for my Loom Knit Striped Slouchy. It isn’t right for all your hats – just when you have a certain look in mind. For a free pattern of that hat click the picture.

Below is a text and video tutorial for the Decreased Crown technique.


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Seed Stitch Brim Hat with Matching Cowl – Free Patterns

Seed Stitch Brim on a Knitting Loom

Stitch Brim Hat and Cowl


Most hats have a single rib stitch, folded, rolled or garter stitch brim. I wanted to show you a really cool option. The Seed Stitch Brim is a ribbed brim and so the elasticity is there but I find that it’s classier and more refined than the other versions. Plus you can never have to many to choose from.

One of the best things about this stitch is that you’re not going to see that unsightly line every one is always complaining about. Speaking of “unsightly”, on the video I will also show you how to change colors without that noticeable change in height where one color is up higher than the other.

Below is a pattern for a simple hat that includes the Seed Stitch Brim and a matching Seed Stitch Cowl.

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Red Heart Black Light Variegated Yarn

Red Heart Black Light Yarn

Why Red Heart Black Light Yarn

So I wanted to use some inexpensive yarn to test a pattern for a new diamond lace stitch hat and scarf. Since Super Saver yarn is my default test yarn I thought I would go all out and use the craziest multi-color option I could find, for me it was the Red Heart Black Light. Wow talk about psychedelic. I could feel the room spinning just by looking at the skein even before making anything. It is definitely for very happy people. Maybe it’s just me but the sight of it begs the question, would you use this color of variegated yarn for your own project?

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Mock Crochet Hat Free Pattern and Video

The Mock Crochet Hat on an Extra Large Loom

Mock Crochet Hat

I totally love the look of the Mock Crochet Hat. The stitch has always been among my favorites. It’s like an easy Diamond Lace Stitch Although it’s pretty simple I’ve posted the pattern along with a step by step video tutorial for us visual learners.

I did change the way Tina Edgar, the creator of the stitch, begins the technique. I think my method is easier especially for beginners. Oddly enough the way Tina starts her stitch is the reason we now have the very awesome Three Step Stitch by Zoey McClean. She thought the beginning of the stitch – was the stitch pattern. Proving that good things can come from mistakes.

Para español: Haz Clic Aquí 


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Farrow Rib Stitch

The Farrow Rib Stitch on a Knitting Loom

Farrow Rib Stitch

This very simple stitch looks so intricate yet it is made of 2 rows of a 3 stitch combination of knits and purls. I so love this new conversion. The Farrow Rib Stitch will work with any design you have in mind from a hat, a shawl or a even a pair of socks.

As always I give you a Free pattern and video tutorial of the Flat version. The written pattern of the round version is also below but there is no video.

En español: Haz clic AQUÍ 

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Ombre Beanie Pattern for the Extra Large Round Loom

Rolling Ombre Hat Beanie Pattern with Video Tutorial

Beanie Pattern

Ombre means having colors or tones that shade into each other. I love this style of color play. It’s much easier to do this with needles then a loom. But with the right yarn and a cool beanie pattern you can make a really easy hat you’ll love.

Below is the easy pattern and a step by step video tutorial

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Start My Stitch Patterns – How I Do It and Why You Shouldn’t

How I Start My Stitch Patterns

Start my Stitch Patterns

So I’m constantly asked how I start my stitch patterns. I am going to explain how and why you should NOT do the same.  I’m doing this because some people have gotten genuinely confused and others have even gotten angry because my videos immediately start with the stitch and not the cast-on. Well I don’t want those people to think I don’t care because I do.

So below is my step by step process in text, picture and video. Hope the helps.

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Fingerless Gloves on a Knitting Loom – EASY

Loom Knit Easy Pattern for Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves

This is an easy loom knitting rib stitch pattern. It’s made up of just knits and purls for a nice pair of Fingerless Gloves. Great for both men and women. Includes text and video tutorial for us visual learners.

I wanted to limit this design to one size fits all for adults which is why I choice the double rib stitch. The fabric stays snug for small hands and stretches well for those bigger man hands. I find them elegant and practical. Hope you like it and will give me feedback in the comment section at the very end.

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CinDWood Looms – A Product Review

CinDwood Looms What’s Good and What’s Not


I want to give you the information necessary to know if a CinDWood Looms are right for you. There are some GREAT things about this line of knitting loom and some that you may not like. I will break it down in this terms; construction and materials, availability, options (like size and type), price, customer service, the negative issues and when is it not a good idea to buy a CinDWood Looms.

It was difficult for me to decide if to start with what is best or what is wrong because my aim is that you stay with me til the end on this review because it’s only fair to me and to CinDwood Crafts that you hear me out completely. So, if you don’t want to read there is always the video you can quickly watch. But even there I hope you will watch it from beginning to the end.

Let’s Start with what I like.

All Image Credit: CinDWood Crafts

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About Me Video

About Me Video

About me video

So I thought it was time you got to know me better, discover a bit of my knitting history and struggles and learn how you can help me in my journey. I also wanted to stop and thank those of you that support me on Patreon and for those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about well, here is your chance to find out.

The video is only 8 minutes long. I hope you will bless me with the investment of those few minutes and please, please, please give me some feedback, leave your comments or ask me your questions at the bottom of this page or on the YouTube comment section.

THANKS and Big Hugs

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Loom Knit Baby Booties on Loom

How to Loom Knit Baby Booties with No Holes and No Bulk

Baby Booties Socks

Tiny socks are cheap, quick, easy to make and baby booties make great gifts when you add a little hat and pair of no-scratch mittens. On this post you will find a written pattern for the Baby Booties and a video tutorial that is less than 12 minutes but takes you step by step through this fun project. I have put a lot of  emphasis on the heel which is the most difficult part of the little shoe. I worked hard to make sure that you would be left with a sock free of holes and bulk, perfect for the baby’s comfort and warmth.

Anyone can manage making a pair. Plus, I assure you that you have enough yarn right now to complete you first pair. In fact you can make them with scraps of yarn. That was what I used to figure out my pattern. How cool is that?

Let me know if you have any questions or comments in the section below and PLEASE share pictures. You can email them to me or post them on our Facebook page.

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Purl Stitch on a Loom, Picture, Text and Video

The VERY Important Purl Stitch for Beginners

Purl Stitch on Loom

Regardless of the tools you use to knit your fabric you must know the purl stitch. Here is a step by step, text, picture and video tutorial to break it down to bite size pieces for loom knitters.

It’s not difficult, but it’s not as easy as the e-Wrap most loom knitters learn first and can seem a bit confusing. Then add to the confusion that the True Knit stitch is so similar. The wrong placement of the yarn causes a whole different look.

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Meet Kalie Kreischer and Her FREE Patterns

Kalie Kreischer a New Loom Knitting Designer

Kalie Kreischer Free Loom Patterns

Joanna Brandt introduced me to a new loom knitting designer, Kalie Kreischer. I’m really glad she did because now I get to introduce her to you  and give you the opportunity to get some cool FREE patterns. They’re simple, well written and Kalie likes to add lots of pictures. I LOVE pictures!

I thank Kalie for her generosity and I wish her great success in the future. We’re a small community compared to needle knitters but I think we can manage to make some noise for Kalie. Please take a minute to leave a comment for this brand new designer . Woo Hoo  Kalie !

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Modified Basic Bind Off on Loom

Modified Basic Bind Off for Loom Knit Edges

Modified Basic Bind off

The basic bind-off just wasn’t working for me. I kept getting one end that was wider and the other tighter regardless of the type of loom or yarn. It looked odd and I needed to find a better solution to a technique that was pretty good and seemed to work for other people but not me. I had seen someone add a crochet single stitch and I tried that. It was alright but left a tiny hole. I was frustrated. I played around and changed just one thing. The modified basic bind off did the trick.

I just added an extra step every 2-3 stitches depending on the tension and done. Once I tighten my loose ends from my cast-on I ended up with clean edges, squared points and identical widths on both ends I was one happy Loomy.

Below are Text , Pictures and a Video tutorial.

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