Rib Stitch Hat for Men and Women

Rib Stitch Hat on an Extra Large Round Loom

Rib Stitch Hat

Dust-off that extra-large round loom you thought was too big for a hat and lets put it to good use. Make a really cool brimless rib stitch hat for your man and a sweet matching one for you.

This one is easy enough for a beginner, just three knits and a purl. And in case you’ve never heard that you could knit a purl there is a step by step video tutorial to help you with this FREE pattern.

I made a beanie version but I give you the information you need to make it as slouchy as you like. One extra nice thing about this hat is that no matter what it will keep its shape. How’s that for a hat made with a large loom?


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Review of Knock-off Knifty Knitter on eBay with Raffle

Knifty Knitter on eBay

Knifty Knitter on eBayIs it a good idea to buy a knock-off Knifty Knitter on eBay? Last year I bought a brand new 5 piece loom set for $5.00 and FREE shipping. Yes, it really was the original Knifty Knitter. I was so excited about this that I wrote a post and begged my readers so aggressively to take advantage of this deal that some folks thought I was the one selling the looms. But no, I just wanted to share some AWESOME news about an opportunity we may never see again. Just a few months later you probably can’t find anyone selling an original set for less the $25.00, In fact right now as I write this post, the purple 48-peg hat along with a yellow and green loom is selling for $90.00.

But never-the-less there are still some incredible deals that can be found. The price game is constantly changing which is why I want to give you a choice that is not a fluke but instead a constant. A “type” or “alternative” that I have seen for the last few years and have now tested that I think is well worth considering.

Like always, when I bring you a great eBay deal I want to remind you that I am NOT the seller. If you have a question about the product you must contact the seller directly.

Now let me tell you and show you a great deal on an alternative to the Knifty Knitter on eBay.

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Celtic Knot Baby Hat by Yunus

Celtic Knot Baby Hat by Yunus Shariff

Celtic Knot Baby Hat by Yunus I found an awesome comment in my inbox this morning that made me extremely happy. It was a pattern for a VERY cute  Celtic Knot Baby Hat by Yunus, one of my webpage readers. I am sooooooooooooo grateful that he shared this with me and has given me permission to share it with you.

He used my Celtic Knot stitch with some smart adjustments. I must admit that the stitch detail shows up really well on his version. I am thrilled to see how my design can be tweaked for the better. I put the video of the stitch below the hat pattern. But don’t deviate from Yunus pattern if you want your hat to look like his.

Please take some time and say Thanks to Yunus Shariff for his generosity. I hope he will give us more detail about himself at some point and that some day I can link to his own webpage with LOTS of new loom knitting designs. I got both my eyes on you dude !

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Diamond Lace Stitch on a Knitting Loom

The Diamond Lace Stitch

Diamond Lace Stitch The Diamond Lace Stitch is not the same as the Figure 8 which results in a lacy box-shaped fabric. Instead the Figure 8 is one part of the Diamond Lace Stitch and the other is that ever-present, first stitch all loom knitters learn, the e-Wrap. Together they form a beautiful lace pattern that can be used in an endless number of designs from shawls to sweaters and even hats. A bit girly so your limit may be your son or husband.

It appears complex but in fact it is an easy pattern even for an advanced beginner to do once you understand the basics of pattern. Plus keep in mind that I will be walking you through every step in a short video tutorial below.

Image of Shrug above and Sweater below by Permission: Sonia Cataquet

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Loom Knit Stitches – Directory of FREE Patterns with Videos

Loom Knit Stitches

Loom Knit Stitch Stitches I wanted one page to list all my loom knit stitches. A place that I could update regularly like I do my Video page. Well here it is. You can bookmark it and come back once a month. God willing a new little square with a link to a free stitch pattern with a video tutorial will be added every time you visit,

Feel free to make suggestions and requests. I can’t promise that I will be able to accommodate you right away because sometimes I am following a project calendar or I already have a few post and videos that are done. If you know me, you know that I’m a stitch hog so if you introduce me to a stitch I will get to it at some point that’s for sure.


There is place on the sidebar of the home page that says, ‘Subscribe to Blog via eMail”. Enter your name and email and by the way, NO I DON’T SELL YOUR NAME – You will not be joining any other list all you get is an email when ever I do a new post.

For now let’s go stitch hunting …

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Basket Weave Stitch Pattern on a Loom

Basket Weave Stitch

Basket Weave Stitch

There are many versions of the Basket Weave Stitch. On this post I will give you the loom knitting pattern for the simple version and a more complex alternative with a video tutorial that I like a lot better and I believe most of you will too. It’s not difficult just knits and purls. I translated this one from a needle knitting pattern and of all the ones I have done lately this one went rather fast and with little complication. I can already see a hat and scarf in the near future.

If you are a beginner I suggest that you master the simple stitch version before moving on to the other. But if you feel spunky enough to dive in than at least watch the video for step by step instruction completely before attempting your project.

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Baby Cocoon and Hat – 4 Free Patterns with Video Tutorial

Baby Cocoon and Hat on a Knitting Loom for Newborn and Preemie

Baby Cocoon

I was inspired by some awesome grand-moms to be to do a simple, basic and cozy baby blanket. I decided on a pattern of my favorite which is a Baby Cocoon (sometimes misspelled cacoon ) because it so closely resembles a mother’s womb. I got busy on A LOT of research before actually starting on the design. I didn’t want to make one just for decorative or propping purposes but instead for practical, functional and safe use with a newborn.

Below you will find some of my research information as well as the 4 FREE patterns, 2 Cocoons and 2 Hat patterns and a step by step video tutorial easy enough for beginners.

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Garter Stitch on a Loom Pattern and Video Tutorial

Two Versions of the Garter Stitch on a Loom

Garter Stitch

A great stitch for brims and to stop rolling edges on your project is the Garter stitch. But did you know there’s more than one way to knit this awesome stitch on a knitting loom. Depending on the version of the Knit Stitch you use you will get a very different look.

One is more a bit of a curvy curly style and I would even say more feminine and the other is more of a flat look. That is the one I choose when I need to add a brim to a man’s design or a low-key edge to a square of blanket.

Below is the real easy two stitch pattern and a step by step video tutorial with lots of details just for beginners or those that thought this stitch could only be done one way.

If you know of any additional versions tell us in the comment section of this page.

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Bamboo Stitch on a Knitting Loom

Bamboo Stitch Free Pattern with Video Tutorial

Bamboo Stitch

The Bamboo Stitch

This stitch really gave me a kick in the behind to translate from knitting needles to loom. But I’m happy with the results. The Bamboo Stitch is simple yet classy with a lot of versatility. Like many of my other translations it works well for both men and women.

In all honesty I was looking for a stitch to make a boys scarf. Those seem to be rare on the internet. But I’m really looking forward to a slouchy hat with this pattern.

Stay tuned….

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Ladies Slippers on a Loom Free Pattern with Video Tutorial

Loom Knit Ladies Slippers Socks

Ladies Slippers

Loom Knit Ladies Slipper Socks

I was asked by one of my readers about knitting Mary Jane shoes on a loom. I wanted to help this beautiful lady that knits for charity ( I’m a sucker for charity knitters ) as well as the one that asked me for adult booties . I also wanted make a pattern that could be used for the The Pink Slipper Project. By merging those three requests I have come up with a Loom Knit Ladies Slippers pattern and video tutorial quick and easy enough for beginners.

Your main stitch through out this project will be your basic e-Wrap and 2 rows of Flat stitch. There is a little tiny bit of math and an itty bitty bit of sewing. But the kicker.. YOU’RE DONE IN 2 HOURS or less depending on how quick you flip your loops!

Scroll down to the bottom for pattern and video. Let me know your comments and questions in the comment section at the very end of the post. Love, Love, Love questions and comments. ALL are Big time appreciated.

Get your 24-peg loom, hook and  timer. I want to know how long it took YOU to make these cozy ladies slippers.

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Locking Stitch Markers – 12 Ways to Use Them

Locking Stitch Markers

Locking Stitch Markers Just as the name implies, their main use to mark your stitches. But let me tell you that not only are Locking Stitch Markers Super cheap but very useful.  Always an essential part of my tool kit for every knitting project I make.

I first saw them at Joann’s during one of their clearance sales. I might have paid $2 – $3 for a little pack of 20. Now I know that I can get like 100 of them for that price or even less on Amazon and eBay. Never knew they even existed. Boy, was I missing out.

Now I use them to find the end of my yarn, in place of cable needles and to make my finished project removable just to name a few. Let me list a more things you can do with them.

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Loom Knit Clown Doll – FREE Pattern with Video Tutorial

Wholly The Loom Knit Clown Doll

Loom Knit Clown Doll

Wholly is my new FREE comfort doll  pattern. He is as easy to make as my other comfort doll designs, just one long tube and a little sewing  He is a bit different in that he is taller at almost 10 inches and has a wholly head of hair instead of the hat. When I look at him I can’t help but see a little kid trying to act big and cool. I just love this little loom knit clown doll because he is my first. Did I mention I have a teeny tiny fear of clowns? Of course it’s only the mean ones with sharp teeth. LOL

Loom knit clown doll boyI’m happy to say that I designed him with some feedback from a few awesome friends here on the website , Facebook and Knitting Paradise. I enjoyed hearing from so many people. It has made this project extra special. I hope you enjoy making your own version of Wholly. By the way, I have to admit that I like him without a face too. You will have to decide what works for you. Upload your cuties to our Facebook Fan page or  SEND PICS to my email denise@loomahat.com !


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No Face Doll – What do You Think?


My No Face Doll

No Face DollI put some crazy, wild, colorful yarn hair on my new loom knit comfort doll. Now I’m debating whether to leave him as a No Face Doll or not.  Tell me what you think.

As a Dominican I grew-up seeing beautiful faceless dolls in my home in New York and in the home of many of my relatives. I was fascinated with them. They were figurines who wouldn’t tell us who they were – they were , “on one”.  That is the  history behind these ceramic ambassadors of our folklore. They were made to represent the women that sell their goods on the streets and local markets. The ones no one really looks at, the “Merchantas”. They’re faceless to everyone except the people who love them.

When I started to loom knit I wanted to make No Face Dollone of my own, a no face doll – in my own style. I’m happy to say it was one of my very first projects. I made her out of two tiny preemie hats sewn together.  I loved the way she turned out and today that little faceless doll is my avatar. If you look around you will see her everywhere I display my loom knit projects. She is a cutie and I named her My Ball Dolly.

In that spirit I fashioned a new loom knit doll, Wholly. But, my husband and I don’t see eye to eye on this one. When he saw my last creation he sat me down for a really short chat. In his words, “That doll looks creepy”.

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Easy Easter Hats

Easy Easter HatsEasy Easter Hats

A loom knit hat in April? Well yeah. Some folks still have a little chill. If not , just turn the hat upside down, add an I-cord and you’ve got your self an Easter Basket.

But if you still are interested in the hat how about one that is extremely easy to do. Those are my favorites.

So what makes hats Easy Easter Hats? They are pastel in color, girly, and have a bows attached. That’s it. On this post I have included an easy to follow pattern and video for the hat and a cool video I found on YouTube for the bow. I hope you like them both.

Let’s start with the hat

The pink hat in the picture is just a beginner easy loom Knit hat completely made with an e-Wrap stitch and then pulled inside out so that it looks like you made a hat using the purl stitch. The reason I knit the reverse side is because it’s quicker and easier to knit the e-Wrap stitch then the purl.

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Diagonal Stitch on a Loom

Diagonal Stitch

Diagonal Stitch

This fancy stitch has intrigued me for a while. It is a  Diagonal Stitch that is easy to do with a simple combination of knit and purl. Below are the patterns for the Left and Right for both Flat Panel and Knitting in the Round. Scroll to the bottom for a step by step video tutorial with a lot of great extra information.

I first saw this stitch for needle knitters and it took a bit of work to translate. I do think it worked out pretty good. But to make it work well on a loom there are some Must Haves.


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