Three Step Stitch Slouchy Hat

Three Step Stitch Slouchy Hat


Three step stitch slouchy

I really like the Three Step Stitch pattern. Designing a netted slouch for the yellow 41-peg extra-large loom was something I had wanted to do since I learned the stitch. Now here it is in a cool summer blue cotton. Easy enough for an advanced beginner.

I will take you step by step on the video so even if you’re not familiar with the stitch. Don’t Worry – Be Happy ! I got you covered.

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Yarn to Front Technique (YTF) by Joanna Brandt

Yarn to Front Technique for Lacy Fabric

Yarn to Front Collage


Many of us know the Yarn in Front but have you heard of the Yarn to Front, No? Well it’s a new technique by Joanna Brandt. Together with the SSK1 and the basic e-Wrap it creates a really nice lacy fabric. Great for summer and spring designs. Best of all there is a video tutorial if you’re like me, a visual learner.

Below are the basic steps with text and pictures. Under that you will find Joanna’s quick 5 minute video which includes the SSK1 and the e-Wrap instructions. Enjoy it and tell me what you think.

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Moondance Capelet by Renee Van Hoy Free for the Month of July

Moondance Capelet by Renee Van Hoy

moondance capelet


The Moondance Capelet is such a very pretty lacy cape. Perfect for these hot days. Well for the Month of July pick it up for Free at CinDwood Crafts. Don’t miss this ! It’s a $4.99 value. Heads-up, the pattern calls for an afghan loom.  But even if you don’t have an afghan – get it because you might buy one later on, you can also change the pattern a bit and make a slouchy hat with it. Most importantly you just don’t want to miss this opportunity. Also if you don’t know Renee here is your chance at zero cost to become familiar with her pattern designs and template. I promise you that with Renee you always get something special. And no, she is not related to me.I’m just partial to this loom knitting designer because of her God-given talent. Below is the link:

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Loom Knit Yoda Hat and Cowl

Yoda Hat and Cowl with a Round Loom

Yoda Hat and Cowl

Last year one of my readers asked me if I had  a pattern for a Yoda Hat. Well Debbie Ward, I know you think I forgot. I didn’t. Here is the FREE pattern for you and all my readers with a step by step video tutorial for the hat and a free easy pattern for the matching v-neck cowl.   ( Read More )…

Life Like Dolls – aka Reborn Babies – Meet My New Models

Life Like Dolls, the Beautiful, the Ugly and Mine

Life Like Dolls

I entered the words “Life Like Dolls” in a Google image search because I needed a model for my knitted baby items and couldn’t find a friend or family member with one young enough to fit my hats and cocoons. The results were so amazing they were scary. These dolls, also known as Reborn Dolls looked nothing like what I thought. Forget Barbie, American Girl and the Bratz these should be on someones Christmas list this year.Like Like Doll

Take a close look at the hair, the skin tone and wrinkles on the hands and feet, it’s just unbelievable. These babies are not your daughter’s old toys. These are Real life baby dolls for big girls.

I have to warn you that some were just adorable but others were shockingly disturbing. There is a market for Crawling (the can’t walk yet) Dead Babies. Go figure.

Non-the-less, I bought the one in the picture above , Hush Little Baby and another that sits up like a toddler, Sweet Princess . She is the picture to the right.

For the Pixie Hat Pattern on the Right: Click HERE then scroll to the bottom of that page.

Let me detail my experience for you …

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Slub Yarn Slouchy Hat & Cowl FREE Pattern for the Loom

Slub Yarn Slouchy Hat and Cowl

Slub Yarn Slouchy

So I’ve learned about a novelty art yarn called Slub. If I was only allowed 2 words for it I would say that it is Beautifully Crude. It is a technique that come about by mistake. New spinners couldn’t get their tension right and created an uneven, lopsided fiber. Now it’s made on purpose. This unrefined product gives a really unusual and interesting texture to your knitting. I loved it.  I instantly thought I needed to design a Slub Yarn Slouchy and why not go one step further and make the matching cowl. The problem was loom knitting this crazy yarn with both extreme of thickness, way to thin sometimes and way to thick other times.

I case you didn’t read my last post, well I did find a solution and below is the pattern for the hat and the cowl. Plus if you keep scrolling you will find a step by step video for the slouch hat.

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Loom Knitting with Slub Yarn

Loom Knitting with Slub YarnSlub Yarn

I would have never imagined that Slub would bring me joy. The word looks to much like slob. Which has me thinking gray and not yellows and greens.  But slub yarn is really beautiful and finding a technique that allowed me to use this pretty yarn in the only way I know how to turn knots into hats did make me very happy. So let me tell you in 300 words or less what I learned so that you to can find joy in a ball of slub.

By the Way, Slub Yarn is also known as: Novelty and Art Yarn.

Image of Yarn Credit: AllPrettyFibers.Wordpress.Com

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Figure 8 Stitch on a Round Loom

Figure 8 Stitch on a Circular Knitting Loom

Figure 8 Stitch

Warning, this stitch is addictive. It looks good, knits up very fast and it’s like an all-weather fabric. I promise that it is such an easy technique that at first seems a bit confusing. But I have broken down each step with  words, pictures and video. There is NO reason you can’t learn how to do the Figure 8 stitch. You can whip up any project quickly. Although it’s a lacy stitch to warm it up, use a small gauge loom and add some chunky yarn. See the picture above. That’s a warm slouchy And so is the matching cowl. I made them both in  just a few hours!

Try it, I promise you’ll like it.


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Rib Stitch Hat for Men and Women

Rib Stitch Hat on an Extra Large Round Loom

Rib Stitch Hat

Dust-off that extra-large round loom you thought was too big for a hat and lets put it to good use. Make a really cool brimless rib stitch hat for your man and a sweet matching one for you.

This one is easy enough for a beginner, just three knits and a purl. And in case you’ve never heard that you could knit a purl there is a step by step video tutorial to help you with this FREE pattern.

I made a beanie version but I give you the information you need to make it as slouchy as you like. One extra nice thing about this hat is that no matter what it will keep its shape. How’s that for a hat made with a large loom?


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Review of Knock-off Knifty Knitter on eBay

Knifty Knitter on eBay

Knifty Knitter on eBayIs it a good idea to buy a knock-off Knifty Knitter on eBay? Last year I bought a brand new 5 piece loom set for $5.00 and FREE shipping. Yes, it really was the original Knifty Knitter. I was so excited about this that I wrote a post and begged my readers so aggressively to take advantage of this deal that some folks thought I was the one selling the looms. But no, I just wanted to share some AWESOME news about an opportunity we may never see again. Just a few months later you probably can’t find anyone selling an original set for less the $25.00, In fact right now as I write this post, the purple 48-peg hat along with a yellow and green loom is selling for $90.00.

But never-the-less there are still some incredible deals that can be found. The price game is constantly changing which is why I want to give you a choice that is not a fluke but instead a constant. A “type” or “alternative” that I have seen for the last few years and have now tested that I think is well worth considering.

Like always, when I bring you a great eBay deal I want to remind you that I am NOT the seller. If you have a question about the product you must contact the seller directly.

Now let me tell you and show you a great deal on an alternative to the Knifty Knitter on eBay.

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Celtic Knot Baby Hat by Yunus

Celtic Knot Baby Hat by Yunus Shariff

Celtic Knot Baby Hat by Yunus I found an awesome comment in my inbox this morning that made me extremely happy. It was a pattern for a VERY cute  Celtic Knot Baby Hat by Yunus, one of my webpage readers. I am sooooooooooooo grateful that he shared this with me and has given me permission to share it with you.

He used my Celtic Knot stitch with some smart adjustments. I must admit that the stitch detail shows up really well on his version. I am thrilled to see how my design can be tweaked for the better. I put the video of the stitch below the hat pattern. But don’t deviate from Yunus pattern if you want your hat to look like his.

Please take some time and say Thanks to Yunus Shariff for his generosity. I hope he will give us more detail about himself at some point and that some day I can link to his own webpage with LOTS of new loom knitting designs. I got both my eyes on you dude !

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Diamond Lace Stitch on a Knitting Loom

The Diamond Lace Stitch

Diamond Lace Stitch The Diamond Lace Stitch is not the same as the Figure 8 which results in a lacy box-shaped fabric. Instead the Figure 8 is one part of the Diamond Lace Stitch and the other is that ever-present, first stitch all loom knitters learn, the e-Wrap. Together they form a beautiful lace pattern that can be used in an endless number of designs from shawls to sweaters and even hats. A bit girly so your limit may be your son or husband.

It appears complex but in fact it is an easy pattern even for an advanced beginner to do once you understand the basics of pattern. Plus keep in mind that I will be walking you through every step in a short video tutorial below.

Image of Shrug above and Sweater below by Permission: Sonia Cataquet

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Loom Knit Stitches – Directory of FREE Patterns with Videos

Loom Knit Stitches

Loom Knit Stitch Stitches I wanted one page to list all my loom knit stitches. A place that I could update regularly like I do my Video page. Well here it is. You can bookmark it and come back once a month. God willing a new little square with a link to a free stitch pattern with a video tutorial will be added every time you visit,

Feel free to make suggestions and requests. I can’t promise that I will be able to accommodate you right away because sometimes I am following a project calendar or I already have a few post and videos that are done. If you know me, you know that I’m a stitch hog so if you introduce me to a stitch I will get to it at some point that’s for sure.


There is place on the sidebar of the home page that says, ‘Subscribe to Blog via eMail”. Enter your name and email and by the way, NO I DON’T SELL YOUR NAME – You will not be joining any other list all you get is an email when ever I do a new post.

For now let’s go stitch hunting …

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Basket Weave Stitch Pattern on a Loom

Basket Weave Stitch

Basket Weave Stitch

There are many versions of the Basket Weave Stitch. On this post I will give you the loom knitting pattern for the simple version and a more complex alternative with a video tutorial that I like a lot better and I believe most of you will too. It’s not difficult just knits and purls. I translated this one from a needle knitting pattern and of all the ones I have done lately this one went rather fast and with little complication. I can already see a hat and scarf in the near future.

If you are a beginner I suggest that you master the simple stitch version before moving on to the other. But if you feel spunky enough to dive in than at least watch the video for step by step instruction completely before attempting your project.

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Baby Cocoon and Hat – 4 Free Patterns with Video Tutorial

Baby Cocoon and Hat on a Knitting Loom for Newborn and Preemie

Baby Cocoon

I was inspired by some awesome grand-moms to be to do a simple, basic and cozy baby blanket. I decided on a pattern of my favorite which is a Baby Cocoon (sometimes misspelled cacoon ) because it so closely resembles a mother’s womb. I got busy on A LOT of research before actually starting on the design. I didn’t want to make one just for decorative or propping purposes but instead for practical, functional and safe use with a newborn.

Below you will find some of my research information as well as the 4 FREE patterns, 2 Cocoons and 2 Hat patterns and a step by step video tutorial easy enough for beginners.

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