Yarn Giveaway September 2014 – Our BIGGEST

Yarn Giveaway September 2014

Yarn Giveaway September 2014

This months prize is Six Skeins of Yarn! Our biggest yarn give-away this year.  I want to make it memorable and I want to do that in more ways than one. By educating my readers and at the same time encouraging the winner to use the yarn for a great cause, Cancer Awareness.

The prize will include 6 skeins of yarn in various Cancer Awareness ribbon colors. It will be a mixed lot with different brands of soft yarn.  I hope you take part and have fun. Tell us your favorite charity and their website address for more raffle entries.  Remember to read the terms and conditions.

Please Share this Link. This one is More Than Just a Give-away.

VERY IMPORTANT: The winner Does Not have to use the yarn for Cancer or Any other charity.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to enter The Yarn Giveaway September 2014.


How to Make a Grip for Your Hook Pencil or Tool – EASY

How to Make a Grip for Your Hook

How to Make a Grip for Your Hook - Pencil on a Loom Learn how to make a grip for your hook, pencil or straight tool using any size long knitting loom. two round looms attached or even a bracelet loom. Easy to follow text, picture and video tutorial.

The grip is especially great for knitters with carpal tunnel, arthritis or those that simply prefer a thicker handle. I wasn’t sure about adding volume to my small Knifty Knitter hook but after several months of knitting with my chubby hook I have to admit that I love the look and feel. Plus now I can make it what ever color I want or how many colors I want. It isn’t purple anymore. Even more important it was a fun project that I really enjoyed doing. Too Cool!

This is Beginner EASY. I would say that a child as young as 6 or 8 years old can handle the work with very little supervision because the steps are few and constant.


My Recent ILLness and The Future of This Site

Come Loom with Me – AGAIN

Come Loom with MeIn June I had a diabetic seizure.  It was very scary. I had never been diagnosed with diabetes. What’s worst when I had my complete physical exam I found out that I had A LOT of other serious health issues. This surprised me beyond measure. It totally “freaked” me out and its taken me a long time to recover – more mentally than physically.

I apologize for my neglect of this site especially the monthly yarn give-away so many loyal readers were enjoying. I have grown to really appreciate so many of you. I must admit that I felt spoiled with all the compliments, kind words and awesome questions that kept me on my toes.


I am much better now thank God… time for you all to come loom with me – Again !

We’ve had a lot of fun. So ladies and gentlemen start your finger engines and  Please, please return on September 1, 2014 for our biggest yarn give-away yet. I’m working on putting together a bundle of at least 6 skeins. Different brands colors and textures. Perfect for the ending of the warm days and the beginning of the cool nights. If YOU win you can loom knit endless patterns til your heart’s content.


Yarn Giveaway June 2014

Yarn Giveaway June 2014

Yarn Giveaway June 2014


A cool choice for Yarn Giveaway June 2014 is Premier Yarns, City Life Ladder Yarn. Perfect for a light weight project. There is no sign of winter in the air but every now a then you need a thin cover for a late night stroll or a quick movie with some friends or your loved ones.

List of Color Choices: Click Here


Yarn Giveaway May 2014

Yarn Giveaway May 2014

Yarn Giveaway May 2014


Yarn Giveaway May 2014 is two skeins of Paton’s beautiful Silk Bamboo and the awesome book by Denise Layman, How to Knit Fashionable SCARVES on Circle Looms.

A book on scarves in the month of May when you live in Florida or any warm climate is a bit off I must admit. But for one thing many of you live in places where a scarf is not to much. Actually this gear is still in the front of your closet if only for a brisk night-time walk.


Yarn Giveaway April 2014

Yarn Giveaway April 2014


Yarn Giveaway April 2014 is a bit late this year. Hope you guys feel the yarn is worth the wait. These little guys are just in time for color-full Spring and Summer. This is especially true if you plan to celebrate the season with kids and if you enjoy putting together Easter baskets. Let me give you some details about the yarn and the contest.


Loom Knit Stuffed Animals 10 Free Patterns and Videos

Loom Knit Stuffed Animals by Scarlett Royal

Loom Knit Stuff Animals

Beautiful loom knit stuffed animals by an extremely talented loom knitter. Scarlett Royal is a stay at home mom which that alone makes her close to perfect. To top that off she is a great artist who is not the least bit camera-shy which is great for us YouTube addicts.  In the little time she has available she has blessed followers with some really awesome projects made on looms.


Three Step Stitch Picture Text and Video Tutorial

Three Step Stitch on a Round Loom

Three Step Stitch

The Three Step Stitch is the best looking loom knitting boo-boo I have ever seen. I first saw this stitch on Karen Aicken’s Pinterest board.  Zoe MacLean created this beauty when she got confused on how to knit the Mock Crochet stitch. I just love it when things like this happen, don’t you. Especially because some people think only perfection works wonders. Yet some of this worlds best creations are a result of human (the best creation EVER) error. Like sticky notes and chocolate chips great creations stand alone as ingenious products. To the point that the average person never finds out the original intent of the creator.

Thanks Zoe, I wait anxiously to see your next wrong turn. And without further ado… lets break down the Three Step Stitch in Four Easy to Follow Steps.

Para Instrucciones En Español: Haz Clic Aquí

For a VIDEO TUTORIAL Scroll to the bottom of this page.


Yarn Giveaway March 2014

Yarn Giveaway March 2014

Yarn Giveaway March 2014

This giveaway is all soft and filled with yarn in Your favorite colors. So how do I know what your favorite color is if I don’t know you or the winner? Because these 3 Skeins of Caron Simply Soft yarn will be made up of 1 color chosen by me, 1 color chosen by the winner and 1 color will be the Caron Simply Soft shade most mentioned in your comments.


To Find a Listing of the Yarn Colors: Click Here

Yes I said 3 skeins of yarn. That is enough yarn for a lot of cool stuff from a little fancy slouchy hat to a few pillows for your favorite sofa or a couple of chairs.

Yarn Giveaway March 2014The Winning ( We Pick ) Color so far is:


A very pretty coral color. High on the orange tint and so perfect for this upcoming Spring. I see a sweet little girl’s dress with a matching beanie and decorated with little white bows and flowers. I can hear the birds chirping. :)



Chain Cast on – Picture, Text and Video Tutorial

Chain Cast On – The Favorite Method for my Round Loom

Chain-cast-on My favorite method to get my yarn on the loom and ready for knitting is with the chain cast on. This is a clean, less loopy, less of a loom knit look to your edges. Some people get it confused with the crochet cast on. That is understandable because it is done with a crochet hook but the technique is done differently and the result is different.  Here is a link to a YouTube video by Isela Phelps, one of my favorite loom knitting authors and teacher showing you how to do the crochet cast on: Click Here.

In this article I will go step by step on how to do this really cool and easy cast-on method using pictures, text and for those awesome people like me, I have a video tutorial. If you have never done this technique I suggest you start with the video at the bottom of this page.

En Español: Haz Clic Aqui


Darice Knitting Loom – A Product Review

Darice Knitting LoomDarice Knitting Loom

The Darice knitting loom is a Great low-cost alternative to the more widely known Knifty Knitter and more widely available Boye Brand. In all honesty right now I’m not a fan of the Boye Loom. I have issues with its design. If you want to know the specifics read my product review by Clicking Here.  The funny thing is that I told a person why I don’t like the Boye Loom and she told me that was the reason she liked them. So always read reviews because one girls bummer is another girls blossom.

As for myself I am a true believer of the Darice knitting loom. It is very similar to the others with just a few slight differences that make this choice the right one especially for first time loom knitters.

I am really impressed and want to tell you why even if you already have a set of Knifty Knitters or Boye these are worth spending the money. I’m still baffled by the lack of suppliers for this great tool.

Let me convince you that it is worth going on-line for them ….


Knit with Two Strands of Yarn as One – Text, Pic and Video

Knit with Two Strands on a Loom

Knit with Two Strands

If you use a large gauge loom such as the Knifty Knitter or the Boye you will need to know how to knit with two strands of yarn as one. Many of the patterns written for loom knitting have this instruction within the notes. There is a good reason for it. The most commonly used medium weight of yarn is not thick enough when loom knitting unless you use a high-end, small gauge loom and for many folks those looms are not an option. So in this tutorial I will be showing you a few methods I use to knit with two strands.



Yarn Giveaway February 2014

Yarn Giveaway February 2014 is Beauty-Full

Yarn Giveaway February 2014

Yarn Giveaway February 2014 starts on 02/01/2014, 12:00 am Eastern Standard Time.

This one is special, two skeins of luscious Red Heart Soft Yarn in a sexy Red color and Get this ladies my February Glossy Box full of luxurious high-end beauty products just perfect for you. Oh Yeah.

So here are the details….


Rainbow Loom Dragon Scale Bracelet – FREE Pattern & Video

Rainbow Loom Dragon Scale BraceletRainbow Loom Dragon Scale Bracelet without the Rainbow Loom

The Rainbow Loom Dragon Scale Bracelet is beautiful and best of all easy to make on any loom you already own.  All you need is 4 – 10 pegs depending on how wide you want the bracelet. Once you get the hang of it you can turn that skill into lots of awesome projects like a headband or a small purse. The possibilities are enormous.

This is one of my favorite Rainbow Loom bracelets so I’ve written the pattern and made a video. I want to make sure my fellow visual learners are not left behind.

Like the cherry on top, I have to say this again it’s easy to do. Seems a bit confusing at first then you get on a roll and can’t stop.

Para el Patrón y Vídeo en Español: Haga Clic Aquí


Belt Loop Hat Video


Belt Loop Hat


The Belt Loop Hat Video

Belt Loop Hat pattern was my favorite for 2012. The folks that visited this webpage and all my social sites seemed to feel the same way. I am very proud of my humble creation. The pattern did also bring on some confusion about how to finish this little beauty so I decided to made a video. Seemed like the right thing to do after promising several VERY special readers.

So Below is the Video. Hope it answers all your questions. Enjoy the extra lesson on how to make a Slouchy version of this hat. I thought it made for a really cool men’s hat.

. (more…)

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