Loom Knit Giraffe

Loom Knit Giraffe

Loon Knit Giraffe


Davy Mitchell has taken up loom knitting and now he is LoomKnitterDude.blogspot.com. I’m so glad he did because he created the cutest little Loom Knit Giraffe ever. His simple technique gave me the base for some great ideas for other zoo and farm animals.

It is pretty easy to do but I would not recommend it for a True beginner. You will need some knowledge of loom knitting since it’s more of an instructional tutorial than an actual pattern. If you passed that first test you’re ready to move on with the big boys.

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Best Loom for Beginners

Best Loom for Beginners

Best Loom for Beginners

There is such a large array of knitting looms to choose from these days that it can make your head spin, twice. A lot of brands with all kinds of colors, different materials for the bass and for the pegs, several different shapes, sizes and prices. Does it really matter what you choose? Well in all honesty any loom can be used to learn the basics of loom knitting but in my opinion there is only one ” Best Loom for Beginners “, that is the TRUE Beginner. The one picking up the loom for the first time.

Please keep in mind as you read this article, that this is only an opinion and not the gospel. Feel free to disagree with me nicely in the comment section. I’m O.K. with that because I promise that if you stick with me long enough here on Loomahat.com we will agree on something eventually. Now back to the subject …

When I had to choose a loom for my first set of students I thought of several requirements that had to be met.  It needed to be the right size for small and large hands since I had a multi-generational group that included a range from 8 – 60 years. Of course it had to be inexpensive, light-weight, easy to learn, close to fail-proof and quickly produce a usable product on the first try. After all this is the microwave age no one wants to wait to long for anything.

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Special Olympics Scarf Project and Loom Knit Pattern

Special Olympics Scarf Project, Colors and Shipping Info

Special Olympics Scarf Project


This year you need to join the knitting party! The Special Olympics was founded by Eunice Kennedy Shiver in 1968. The Special Olympics Scarf Project was started in 2009 by the yarn manufacturer Red Heart. They concluded the project in 2011 because as they stated, The program became so popular that donations outpaced the number of Special Olympics winter athletes and supporters. It was as important to us, as we know it was to you, that each and every scarf made it into the hands of the intended recipient – an athlete or supporter – something we cannot ensure going forward, due to the high volume of excess scarves. That was they’re exit speech. No hard feelings they started something great.

And the project continues across the United States. Folks are still excited to take part in an extremely beautiful project that tells courageous men, women and children that they are winners.

Image credit: Special Olympics Michigan and Coloring with Yarn

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Loving with Looms 2014 Award

Loving with Looms 2014

Loving with Looms 2014

I am so happy to return this year with the 2nd Annual Loving with Looms 2014 Award. It is an honor for me to showcase people that use this art to help the hurting, the needy and the helpless warm their bodies and their spirits. This is very dear to my heart and I hope Every single person who visits this site will take the opportunity to nominate themselves or someone they know.

This venue also gives me and others the opportunity to introduce great organizations, their beautiful work and those they serve. In Loving with Looms 2013 we all learned about some incredible charities. It was truly a win-win situation. 2014 should be even bigger and better.

Although last years award was pain-filled it was also joy-filled (I use that spelling on purpose). I was thrilled that Pali Wilson who loom knits for Knitting Rays of Hope was our First ever winner but the wrongful accusations were brutal. I understand that I had only been on-line for a few months and people did not know me. I did listened to those that spoke truth with love and I learned a big lesson. Now we’re on our 2nd honeymoon here on the world-wide-web.This time I will be on the outside looking in and as a hands-off referee only if necessary. I will NOT be nominating anyone nor voting. I will not give the Judges nor the nominees any feedback. I do however, urge you to do so.

I hope this year’s award will run smoothly. In this tiny effort I just want to say the everyone who is nominated has blessed someone, thank you for loving with your looms.

Well today is 10/18/2014 was chosen because it is the Sweetest Day holiday so lets not waste a moment. Be sweet and nominate. Then tell your family and friends to also vote.

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Pumpkin Hat Free Pattern

Pumpkin Hat on a Long Loom

Pumpkin Hat

Here is a VERY special FREE Pumpkin hat pattern. First , it’s made on a long loom and second the spiral was made on the loom. Yes I’m talking about that corky little spirally thingy we love to see on baby hats sometimes called a Curlicue Tendril that I thought could only be done with a crochet hook. But this is what you can expect from Brenda Myers. If you’ve been on this site long enough you know that I am a huge fan.

The pattern is available in a printable and downloadable PDF format. Includes pictures and charts. Like all of Brenda’s patterns the Pumpkin Hat Pattern is extremely detailed. But I will tell you beforehand that this pattern is a bit advanced and not recommended for beginners. That is, unless you’re a fearless loomy than have at it but take it slowly.

LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN NOT DOWNLOAD OR PRINT A PDF FILE and I will email it to you. Just send me a note to denise@loomahat.com.

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How to Use Rafflecopter

How to Use Rafflecopter Includes Short Easy Video

How to Use Rafflecopter

Having give-aways is a large part of this website. It is something I love to do and if you have an email address you have everything you need to enter every one of them. I know that some folks don’t care much for raffles – I was one of them. With that in mind I try to use it to inform and educate about the product, give a real-life application, show how you can benefit others and ask for the awesome gift of feedback.

Your input makes LoomaHat.com more useful and relevant. Sometimes the comments are just as good if not better than the post. This is why it’s so important that I explain How to Use Rafflecopter.   More importantly remind you that you DO NOT NEED Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest only a valid email address.

I want to make sure that EVERYONE who wants to take part can without hesitation. In general people have two learning methods, audible and/or visual.  A video which is at the very bottom of the post covers both and a set of bullet statements and screen shots will cover those that like to read.


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KB Extra Fine Gauge Sock Loom Raffle

KB Extra Fine Gauge Sock Loom Raffle Starts Now


KB Extra Fine Gauge Sock Loom Raffle

I was so moved by a comment left by Amy Donato that I couldn’t just let things brew. Time is of the essence. I had to get this KB Extra Fine Gauge Sock Loom Raffle started NOW. To get the loom to someone interested in participating the Bandage Brigades deadline as soon as possible I have to ship the loom quickly. So that explains the rush. Plus the 2014 Loving with Looms Award nominations begins Saturday. Put your seat belts on because this is a busy time for us here at LoomaHat.com.

Note that I have NO affiliation with KB products. This loom was purchased by me at my local Joann Fabrics store.

Do not get this loom confused with the Sock Loom 2. I have not found it on-line anywhere other then eBay and there were only 2 available as of 10/12. So if you can’t wait to win it and you have a local Joann Fabrics Click Here for Money Saving Coupons for Joann.com and in stores!

* Winner does not have to use the loom for charity *

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Tiny Heart Stitch – FREE Pattern, Picture and Video Tutorial

Tiny Heart Stitch on a Knitting Loom



This very new, very cute little stitch is made up of just two rows. The Tiny Heart Stitch is one row of e-wrap stitch and one row of what the creator Theresa Higby calls a Purl Over and I call a Half-Knit. That  purl over is the key element to mastering this technique and other new stitches in her repertoire.

What I like the best is that it almost looks airy a bit lacey but in fact it is a dense stitch. Works well flat or in the round. It was so easy to learn and I liked it so much that I made my first hat, in the picture above just minutes after watching the video. I used one strand of baby yarn on the red medium Knifty Knitter loom. The hat feels wonderful.

Thank you Theresa for creating this and for giving me permission to write out a “pattern” and share it here on LoomaHat.com.

Para Español: Haz Clic Aquí

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What Should We Raffle Next?

I Want to Know – What Should We Raffle Next?

What should we raffle next

Is there a loom, loom tool or yarn that you want to know about. Here is your chance to tell me , What should we raffle next.

I have a few things already lined-up but raffles can get expensive and I need to know that people are actually interested. Otherwise I’m just creating more clutter in the world-wide-web.

So let me hear from you in the comment section of this page. Today is the Day. Tomorrow we move on to the next subject. Just kidding – feel free to come to this page or our Facebook Fan page anytime you pump into something interesting you want seen reviewed and raffled.

Send Knitted Bandages to The Dove Fund

Where to Send Knitted Bandages

Send Knitted bandages The DOVE Fund  needs knitted bandages by November 15, 2014. There is a group of Veterans leaving in December to the leprosy colony in Vietnam.

These precious souls love getting the highly needed and greatly cherished hand made bandages. Knowing that someone took the time to send knitted bandages gives them a sense of being loved. Like a yarnny hug.

If you knit, crochet or loom please consider participating in this beatiful project. Below is the email I received from them. Please take a few minutes to read it if you can, There is some update useful information.


I had written about this charity last year.

To read the complete post that includes, supply List,  Guidelines and Free Knit , Crochet and Loom Patterns: Click Here.

Scroll down to get the address to send your knitted bandages.

If you don’t want to knit or can’t for what ever reason you can still help. Here is the information in a PDF for easy distribution to friends and family who can send knitted bandages to the Dove Fund: Leprosy Bandages Handout PDF

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Preview 2014 – Loving with Looms

Preview 2014 – Loving with Looms

Preview 2014 Loving with Looms Award


This is so exciting. Here is Preview 2014 for the Loving with Looms Award. Meet the judges, see the great prizes, learn the rules and procedures for nomination and the deadlines for participation.

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Reversible Hat Free Loom Knit Pattern

Reversible Hat Free Loom Knit Pattern

Reversible Hat
Some things are so cool that they must be shared. The Reversible Hat is one of those things. When I saw the picture on Bonny Pomerleau-Paradis’ blog page Looming Exclusive Design I knew you guys would really like it. To make things even better the pattern is easy to follow and FREE.

If you use this or any of her patterns PLEASE leave a comment for Bonny and thank her for giving away for FREE.

Now as always I want to share a few notes of my own about size adjustment and stitches. So get your favorite size round loom, your hook and two skeins of contrasting color yarn and let’s make a Reversible Hat for someone we love.


For a link to the FREE Pattern: Scroll to the Bottom of the Post

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Double Moss Stitch on a Loom

Double Moss Stitch for Circular and Flat Panel

Double Moss Stitch

This beautiful stitch has a very simple pattern. The only skills needed are knit and purl. I really started loom knitting with it when I was trying to write a pattern for a Lapghan for Veterans Day. There were specific characteristics that I needed from the stitch that I would be using for a wheel chair blanket. It should look good on both sides, be simple, be warm without being heavy or stiff. I wanted to be sure that it would hide any knitting mistakes nicely, since I get distracted and can miss a stitch. The Double Moss Stitch had a check mark next to every requirement. It was perfect for my project.

Because of the bumpy striped nature of the stitch I also like it a lot for a dish cloth that will be used for scrubbing and a simple exfoliating wash cloth. Just remember to use cotton yarn for those types of knitting projects.  Naturally, I also like it for hats and scarves.

And for us visual learners the video is at the bottom of the post.


For a definition of Lapghan:  Click HERE

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Glow in the Dark Yarn

Glow in The Dark Yarn

Glow in the Dark Yarn

This yarn is way-way-way too cool.  I wasn’t even aware the it existed but I can only imagine the amount of uses I have for this specialty. I’m no baby but I would so love some kind of gear made with Glow in The Dark Yarn. 

I saw this on a loom knit sweater by Gregory Huff on his blogspot website LoomDude. The post is actually from 2012 and I know I must have seen it before, with all the times that I have visited that website but I had not noticed this until now. For those that like to make their own costumes I think this is awesome. Even to make the kids their own trick or treat bags.

And by the way, there’s also Glow in the Dark Thread , Glow in the Dark Beads and Glow in the Dark Rubber Bands ! Good grief Gregory has created a monster.

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Thread a Yarn Needle – Picture and Video Tutorial

Thread a Yarn Needle – Easy to Follow Pic, Text & Video Tutorial

Thread a Yarn Needle

Some thick or textured yarns like Lions Brands Homespun Thick and Quick or the all-time favorite baby yarn, Pipsqueak make it difficult to thread a yarn needle. Here is a cool, simple tip with pictures and a 33 second video. It was sent to me by one of my awesome blog readers who watched a video I created for a 10-year old friend that wanted to teach her classmates how to loom knit for charity. At the very bottom of the post is that video – the last few minutes show the funny needle threading episode. Caution: some folks don’t find the humor in it, some were even offended. That one I really don’t get. To bad for them they missed the point. :)

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