KnitCrate Monthly Yarn Subscription Review

KnitCrate Product Review Video

KnitCrate Review

So this is a really short post because it’s all about the video.

I was asked to review the KnitCrate monthly yarn subscription. Click the picture above for the video of that review. I hope you get the information necessary to make a wise a choice.

If you decide you want to try KnitCrate, below is a link and a 20% off coupon code for your first order.

KnitCrate Link:
Use Coupon Code: LoomHat20

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Loom Knit Brimless Hat Pattern Video

Loom Knit Men’s Waffle Stitch Brimless Hat

Loom Knit Men's Brimless Hat

A brimless hat on a large gauge knitting loom is possible.  Paul asked if it we could make one that doesn’t roll. The answer is yes and below is the pattern video for the hat. Several of my Patreon patrons were making hats using the waffle stitch from the pom pom scarf pattern so I thought I would too.

Below is the step by step video tutorial for the Men’s Waffle Stitch Hat and Cowl pattern. It may look complex but it’s very easy. Just watch the video completely before starting the project.

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Wine Bottle Cover on a Round Knitting Loom Pattern Video

Knit Wine Bottle Mesh Cover Sleeve

wine bottle cover

What a great way to dress up any bottle from wine to lemonade to bubble bath or in my case some delicious homemade Kombucha. That was the point in designing this pattern, for gift giving.

Personally I am a sucker for homemade gifts. They happen to be my favorites. Maybe it’s because I love to make things by hand.

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Seed Stitch Baby Hat Pattern Video

Newborn Seed Stitch Baby Hat on a Loom

Baby hat on a loom Newborn

I love the seed stitch baby hat. It has great texture. The stitch is a type of rib stitch and so the hat has a lot of stretch. This works well when you making a gift and are not sure of the exact size.

The hat is brimless because I don’t like brims on newborns. Also, the picture shows a hat with a button, I don’t put buttons on a newborn hat. This is just for the pictures.

The written pattern is available in my Etsy store but the video goes through every step and you should be able to make this hat just by watching it. As always I recommend watching it completely before starting the project.

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Tube Socks Free Pattern and Video

Tube Sock on a Round Loom

Loom Knit Tube Socks

Tube socks are the best pattern for folks that really don’t like knitting a heel or a toe. But why stop there, let me tell you what else is great. You don’t have to knit a folded cuff, no specialty loom and no need to worry so much about the recipients shoe size. There are so many reasons why I just love this pattern. The fact that is looks so good makes it even better.

The combination of different knit stitches give the fabric a really cool, textured stitch. I believe this is going to be a favorite for lots of loom knitters, especially beginners.

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Loom Knit Ballerinas Pattern Video

Ballerinas : Dolls on Circular Knitting Loom


I’m super excited about this project. I made five different dolls before I was happy with this one. I hope you all will fall in love with my little ballerinas. I’m sure that like me, you had one at home too.

The project is a bit complex and so I had to create two separate videos. Please return for part 2. The written pattern is for purchase because we have to keep the lights on at home and every little bit helps. I do make the video as comprehensive as possible for those that can not afford the pattern to be able to make this project that I love so much.

Part 1: The Basic Doll Pattern

Part 2: Ballerina Dress Up

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Is Walmart Cheaper for Yarn?

Is It Cheaper to Buy Yarn on Walmart

Make a name for yourself and then just sit back and reap the benefits. I heard this from my dad most of my life. Is that what happened to Walmart. They’re known by their low price advertisement. But is this true when it comes to yarn or is it just a perception? Watch this 3 minute video that might give you a good idea.

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Knitted Pom Pom on a Round Loom Pattern and Video

Loom Knit a Pom Pom, Toy or Ornament

Knitted pom pom

My last post was for a Santa Hat. In the video I promised to give you guys the pattern for the knitted pom-pom. I have to keep my promises so below is the pattern. I have also included the ball and ornament.

Hope you guys like them.

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Loom Knit Santa Hat Video Tutorial

Santa Hat on a Round Knitting Loom

Santa Hat

Every year someone will ask for a Santa hat pattern. This year I decided I would do an adult version. I hope you guys will like the textured brim and the knitted pom-pom. Both are a bit different but I think they make the hat a fun design.  This video is only for the hat but the knitted pom-pom video should be available shortly. The written pattern does include both the hat and the pom-pom.

The step by step video link for the hat pattern is below. Please feel free to share your questions, comments or suggestions. All of them are greatly appreciated.

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Wire Spiral – Easy How to Video Tutorial

How to do a Wire Spiral Video Tutorial

wired spiral

A wire spiral is very useful for several craft projects. I like to use them as card holders for seating arrangements. You can also put short announcements, reminders and even a quick list. They can also hold your post it notes off your computer screen.  For that I might need 12 bakers dozen. Not to worry, because they are quick and easy to make. Now all you have to do is make the base and for that I have a cute idea below.

This short video shows how to make wire spirals with supplies you probably already have at home. No special tools are necessary.  ( Read More )…

Loom Knit Braided Headband Pattern Video

Braided Headband on a Round Loom

Loom Knit Braided Headband

I wanted to design a warm braided headband that would look cool and stylish. This project takes very little yarn, and can be done in just a few hours. I did a second headband in a light pink which my daughter loves. I can’t wait to see all the colors you guys will use. I’m considering some happy bright colors for the next one. Some Caron Simply Soft in jewel tones would be beautiful.

Below is the step by step video tutorial for the pattern.

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Thank YOU Video

Just Wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you. So many of you have been like food for my soul. I’m taking this special time of the year to let you know how I feel.

Loom Knit Napkin Holder Pattern Video

Rib Stitch Napkin Holder Pattern Video

Napkin Holder

The Rib Stitch napkin holder is part 3 of the table setting series. Recently I posted the Rib Stitch Flower and completed the Tiny Pumpkin pattern. I’m very excited about this project because like the other recent patterns you can make this one with just a little bit of yarn and just a little bit of time. It’s perfect for personal use and for gift giving, for a new homeowner, a ladies group or party favor.

The pattern is available for purchase but the it’s very simple and the video is enough for the average person to complete the project. I do suggest watching the video from the start to the end where I give a few cool suggestions.

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Whoville Leaf Pattern Video

Loom Knit Leaves on a Round Loom

whoville leaf

Last week I filmed a video for the Rib Stitch Flower and I promised to do one for the leaf. Below is the video for the funky little leaf. I hope you guys like it, I named it the Whoville Leaf because it reminds of the little town in the Dr. Seuss videos.

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Rib Stitch Flowers on a Round Loom Video

Rib Stitch Flowers Pattern Video

Loom Knit Flower Rib Stitch

The Rib Stitch Flowers are sweet little puffy daisy looking floral. They make great pin cushions, gifts in stocking stuffers, table settings for a ladies luncheon and perfect for bridal or baby showers. I hope you guys like them as much as I have enjoyed designing and knitting these cuties.

This is another scarp yarn project. Maybe I’m the only nut that just loves to use little bits of yarn to create pretty and practical items especially if I can give them away.

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