Rambler Stitch Loom Knitting Pattern and Video

Rambler Stitch Pattern for any Knitting Loom

Rambler Stitch on the Loom

The rambler stitch is a very easy pattern. I will guide you through your knits and purls to create a fabric that works great for any project. Doesn’t matter if its a baby boys blanket or your mom’s sweater, this stitch looks so beautifully textured.

The pattern video is less then 5 minutes long. I love short videos !

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Beginners Supply List for Loom Knitting

Everything You Need to Loom Knit for Under $25.00

Supply list for Loom knitting

Several of my followers have asked me to give them a supply list for loom knitting beginners. I having been answering these friends one by one. Since then I’ve come to the conclusion that even those that have knit for a bit might find this information useful.

Too many people start off with what I consider to be the wrong looms for beginners and even for advanced beginners. Below is a list of the top 5 tools you must have for under $25.00.

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How to Add Big Hair to Your Knit Doll

Doll Hair Technique Quick Video Tutorial

Big Hair Knit Doll

I love big hair on my dolls, in fact the puffier the better. If you’re like me then I have a great video tutorial for you. It’s quick and easy just 5 minutes and you’re off to make your knit doll look fabulous.

By the way,  this is an excellent way to recycle yarn scarps. First you use some to stuff the doll then use the rest for awesome wild hair.  I love it when nothing is wasted.

Note that you don’t need any experience and you can do this any knit doll new or previously knitted. One thing I do want you to keep in mind is that although the video is quick the project is not. Personally I found the task therapeutic.

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Match Thread Color Perfectly to Yarn

Color Match Your Thread and Your Yarn

match thread color

Color match thread to ANY yarn . It doesn’t matter how crazy, custom or discontinued, there is thread that matches your yarn perfectly.

I was knitting my new doll pattern which calls for a tiny button on the top. I needed thread instead of yarn because the button holes were so tiny. Well the yarn was out of the question but I did want the thread used to sew the button to match the yarn exactly,

I discovered the perfect hack and you already have the supplies needed to accomplish this little trick.

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Textured Tiles Stitch Pattern for the Loom

Textured Tiles Stitch on the Knitting Loom

Textured Tiles Stitch

Textured tiles is another great unisex stitch pattern. I seriously intend to use it for a nice manly scarf. I believe it looks bold and elegant on any wearable. But my first project will be a washcloth. Stay tuned for that pattern.

I also like the fact that you’re only using the knit and purl. Nothing elaborate or complicated. Keep in mind that like many of my stitch patterns it works best with a solid colored yarn and a small gauge loom.

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Knit 1 Below and Purl 1 Below for the Loom

K1b and P1b Stitch Video Tutorial

Knit 1 Below

I had seen the Knit 1 below in needle knitting patterns but like many loom knitters I became familiar with this stitch on a knitting loom from a book by Kathy Norris, Loom Knit Stitch Dictionary. where she uses the technique for the fisherman’s rib. It also requires you to know how to do the purl one stitch below.  This can be a bit confusing and I understand why Michelle Irby, one of my YouTube subscribers asked that I show her how to do the technique.I have done my best to show Kathy’s instructions on video. I hope it is helpful.

Please note that I’m not trying to teach you the fisherman’s rib stitch, I am only attempting to show you how to do the knit 1 below and the purl 1 below technique.

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Sachet Bags Pattern Video

Sachet Bags on Round Knitting Loom

Sachet Bags

Sachet bags are beginner easy to make and there hundreds of great reasons to make them. These are not just for party and shower favors. My favorite use is as air fresheners and as scrubbies.

Below is a step by step video for this quick and awesome project.

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Stitch is Too Tight on My Knitting Loom

The Loop on the Loom is Too Tight

Stitch is too Tight


. Many of you have left comments about tight stitches. The reasons for this problem are many but I wanted to give a short list of the most common. I’m certain that at least one will help if you find that a stitch is too tight.

Note that it is possible that you do one or more of the techniques I list below and not get tight stitches. We all loom knit differently.  This is only a short list and it is built on my own personal experiences and those of many of my readers.Your problem may not be delineated here and if so I’m really sorry. Take the opportunity to leave a comment below and I will try to see if I can help you with your unique situation.

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Loom Knit Mock Crochet Infinity Scarf Free Pattern with Video

Loom Knit Mock Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern

MOck Crochet Infinity Scarf on the Loom


This loom knit infinity scarf pattern is easy and versatile. The technique seems complicate until I breakdown it down for you and then it’s mindless knitting that you can do while you watch television or listen to your favorite music. As always there is a step by step video to help you with the pattern.

The open lace stitch allows you to make one that works just as good in spring as in winter with just a simple change in yarn weight. To use on warm nights use a light worsted weight yarn and for crisp winter mornings use a chunky or bulky.

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Knit and Purl Tool Video Review and Tutorial

Knit and Purl Tool for Loom Knitters

Knit and Purl Tool

The Knit and Purl Tool video, product review, tutorial and patron monthly giveaway is live! This tool was specifically designed to make it easier for loom knitters to do the purl stitch. At first it can be a bit frustrating but once you learn how to use the hook you can understand why so many people got really excited real quick. It is a one of a kind and a most see.

I outline the pros and con of the product below. ( Read More )…

Remounting Stitches After Cast-off

How to get the Stitches Back on the Loom after Bind-off


Remounting Stitches

I got a comment on this page asking about how to remount stitches in order to correct a hat pattern that turned out too short. I didn’t have a hat to correct and I’m so short on time that when my project went south and needed to be remounted I decided to video the correction. This does make the process take longer but I had to take advantage the opportunity to help a fellow loomer out.

Again, I am so short on time that I made the decision to only video the process. It is not written out so I hope that the video is enough. Personally I’m a visual learner. Reading instructions gives me a bit of anxiety so for those of you that are like me, this is perfect. For those of you that need the process written out, well I do apologize.

The white balance is a bit off so the yarn is a little hard to see but you still should be able to capture enough to learn the technique. Plus, you can always leave your question about remounting stitches at the bottom of the page.

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Why the Yarn Shop and Not the Craft Shop

Why the Yarn Shop Instead of the Department Store

Why the Yarn Shop

During our visit to Orlando we stopped in Winter Haven Florida to visit the Four Purls yarn shop. I’ve never been big on yarn stores but Laura sure did teach me Why the Yarn Shop and not the Craft Shop. Let’s not leave out that they have a yarn truck. Yep, you know, like the ice cream truck but for us yarny folks.

Sit back watch a video and get a front seat to the chit-chat and the tour.

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Flag Stitch Square Video

Flag Stitch Square on a Knitting Loom

Flag Stitch Square

The Flag Stitch Square is a variation on the original stitch pattern that contains rows of tiny squares with angled triangles stacked on top of each other. I wanted the textured effect of the fabric without the extensive work. Easy is always a better option in my world especially because I have a large project in mind, a patch work blanket.

This pattern will work with ANY number of pegs, and any gauge which means that the loom you have on hand is the perfect loom.

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Free Knitting Patterns My Top Ten Search Methods

10 Ways to Search for Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Patterns

Everybody likes the word Free and knitters are not the exception. We all embark on the quest. But believe or not there is more to the search then just Googling those three key words, Free Knitting Patterns.

In fact the most common method of searching has not always given me the best results. Let me introduce you to 10 methods I have used over the years.

NOTE that this information is not exclusive to loom knitters but instead for everyone that turns knots and flips into treasures.

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Knitting with Kindle – One of my Favorite Knitting Tools

Knitting with Kindle Fire

Knitting with Kindle 500x300

I love Knitting with Kindle. Well I have to admit that personally I’m obsessed with my Kindle Fire which is used everyday for hours on end by me and other members of my family. I own other tablets including an $800.00 iPad and a Sprint Slate that I have to pay $10.00 per month. None of my other tablets are more user-friendly or for that matter more useful in general.

But the point of this post is to tell you how we use it for knitting specifically.

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