e Wrap Cast On Loom

e Wrap Cast On Picture Text and Video Tutorial

e Wrap Cast on 1200x900

The easiest method used to start your loom knitting project is the e Wrap cast on. You’re basically just wrapping your yarn around each peg to create a base line to work on. This simple technique can also bring about some negative outcomes

First I want to show you how to do the e-Wrap cast on , your options and how to fix those unseemly results.

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Loose Loops

Tighten Your Loose Loops of Yarn

Loose Loops


Loom knitting tends to leave a lot of loose loops especially if you knit with a large gauge loom like the Knifty Knitter or Boye. Here is an easy fix that will give you nice straight edges.

This was an issue that bothered me a lot when I first started. I sort of bumped into this solution then had to test it a few times before I felt comfortable enough to use the technique on stuff I really liked. It looks simple enough and it really is but there are times when the yarn tangles up before you reach the end.

I’ve included a short video tutorial. It’s a whole 5 minutes. Watch it until the end. Any questions or comments help you and the other person that is afraid to ask. Puts those in the comment section.

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Loom Knit Boot Cuffs – Easy FREE Pattern and Video

Easy Loom Knit Boot Cuffs Pattern

Loom Knit Boot Cuffs

This is a really easy project. They knit up quick and who can’t use another set of Loom Knit Boot Cuffs even if you already have one.

Scroll down for a video tutorial to not just how to make the Loom Knit Boot Cuff but also learn how to tighten loose loops, e-Wrap, U-wrap and Basic bind-off. Very detailed instructions for a project you will repeat a lot because they make such nice gifts.

The instructions for the tassels are at the end of the pattern. For pom poms click HERE.

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Diamond Brocade Beanie Hat on a Round Loom

Diamond Brocade Beanie

Diamond Brocade Beanie

I love textured designs on knitted gear so I’m always looking for stitch patterns. The diamond brocade stitch worn by kings and peasants alike is one of my favorites.

It’s a classic sear-sucker look everyone has happily worn at some point in their life. With that nostalgic feeling in mind I set out to loom knit my first Diamond Brocade Beanie.

The project was not as difficult as I thought it would be. But it does take a long time. Well worth all the hours invested in the project.

I love this hat !

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The City Slouch Hat – Loom Knit Pattern and Video

The City Slouch Hat Video Tutorial

The City Slouch Hat


Here is a step by step video tutorial of a FREE pattern by loom knitting designer Joanna Brandt. Learn how to make The City Slouch Hat with its chic flap over brim and the easy to do ripples even if you are just a beginner.

This is a classy hat you can wear with your favorite winter gear. I was very glad to be given permission by Joanna to make this YouTube video. Like me, many of you are visual learners and many of you have picked this pattern from the list of 85 FREE hat patterns on this website. There have been a lot of comments asking for the video and both Joanna and I have heard you and here is our response to your request.

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No More Monthly Yarn Give-Aways

No More Monthly Yarn Give-Aways

No More Monthly Yarn Giveaways

Unfortunately due to lack of participation there are No More Monthly Yarn Give-aways here on LoomaHat.com. I will continue to have give-aways but not on a set date and not necessarily for yarn. So stay-tuned for product reviews which will continue to include raffles as long as there are enough participants. God willing we will also have a 2015 Loving with Looms Award starting in October.

Hope you guys understand. It gets VERY expensive to do these contest. The number of entries continued to decrease and  I rarely received any response from the winners in reference to the product. Very discouraging. :( . I have found that the basic reviews stay relevant as long as the product is available and that I continue to reference those in my posts.

My expected upcoming product reviews for 2015 will include: Loom Holders, The Adjustable Hat Loom, Swerve Yarn , and the Loom Knit Dishcloths Pattern Book and much more ….

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The Great Loom Knitting Afghan Project

Join The Great Loom Knitting Afghan Project

The Great Loom Knitting Afghan Project

I’m really excited about this one. New patterns, new friends and a great charity. Eight designers including Brenda Myers author of “I Taught Myself to Loom Knit“, Kathy Norris author of The Big Book of Loom Knitting  and Renee Van Hoy author of The Loom Knitters Dictionary have come together for an amazing endeavor. The Great Loom Knitting Afghan Project is not only a book containing 13 beautiful patterns it’s a convergence of philanthropy and art with ALL profits of the sale going to support Doctors Without Borders. I am so proud of these 8 ladies !

As if that were not enough this book is also a community builder for us loom knitters. Everyone who buys the book is invited to join in a year of Loom-a-Longs where many of the designers and a few hundred of their closes buddies will be knitting the same squares at the same time with you and I. This means a lot of people will be available to help with concerns or questions about the little squares. Expect to get lots of ideas about the best looms, yarn weight, textures and colors. Did I mention LOTS of pictures. I love pictures. .

This will be GREAT – Don’t be Left Out !

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Candy Cane Stitch

Candy Cane Stitch Pattern for Any Loom

Candy Cane Stitch

She done did it again ! Bethany Dailey, author of “Loom Knitting for Little People ” one of my Top 10 Favorite books,  has created a super cute stitch. This one is right on time for the Christmas holiday. They’re Candy Canes line dancing on your knitted gear.

The complete Candy Cane Stitch pattern on the KnittingBoardChat.com blog  results in an 8X8 square great for afghans, blankets, dishcloths or washcloths. But you can isolate the Candy Cane Stitch pattern and use it for any project. I’ve already made a list of all the cute stuff that is in desperate need of some spunky candy canes like hats, scarves, mittens, a sweater, knitted gift bag or even a great table runner. Looking for some Bling ?  Add a gold bead or a tiny bow to each one. Sky’s the limit on what you can work these little guys into.

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Yarn Giveaway December 2014

Yarn Giveaway December 2014

Yarn Giveaway December 2014LoomaHat.com is giving away 3 Skeins of a very, very special version of Premier Yarns Ever Soft for Yarn Giveaway December 2014. I’m excited about this one. It’s Yarn on a Mission !

Premier Yarns has partnered with one of the worlds largest humanitarian organizations to help collect 100,000 handmade items. According to the Premier Yarn Website :A portion of each purchase of Premier Ever Soft yarn goes to benefit Knit For Kids and their mission to provide warmth, hope, and joy to children living in poverty across the world . I thought buying and giving away 3 skeins of this very special yarn was one way of participating in this awesome campaign.

What else could I do? I could buy more yarn to add to the mountain I already have, knit a cute hat and Tell you about their efforts and how You Too can give to this worthy cause while you enter to win same cool yarn. And don’t forget to share this link with your friends.

Note: I purchased the give-away yarn at my local AC Moore .

Winner Does Not Have to Use the Yarn for ANY Charity
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2014 Loving with Looms Winner

Our 2014 Loving with Looms Winner is …

2014 Loving with Looms Winner

Nancy Lambert inspired her friends and family with her selfless giving through the group Knitting Together in Charlottesville. They united to nominate her for this humble award.  Read what they wrote and join us in congratulating this wonderful lady with lots of kudos and words of encouragement for her ongoing mission.

People like Nancy are the reason I love to work on this website. Loom knitting and charity work are my passion. Finding ways to encourage and supply those that share my devotion for this endeavor is very important and rewarding to me. I don’t personally know Nancy but she and those that love her have become very precious me. I am extremely happy to be able to give a little something to her ongoing work. She soooo defines this award.

Continue reading to learn more about Knitting Together and Nancy Lambert.

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Added the Raffle to the Review


Yarn Sleeves Review and Raffle

Yarn SleeveI had the Yarn Sleeves review setup to publish automatically and it was sent without the raffle. SORRY ! I fixed it. To make up for that slip there will be five winners.

Yarn Sleeves are really cool and I would love for you guys to try them out at home for FREE. As always I’ll be using Rafflecopter. If you don’t know how to use the widget – Click HERE

To enter to win just Click the Picture above for a link to the Review and the Raffle Widget.

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Yarn Sleeve – 3 Brand Product Review

Yarn Sleeve also known as a Yarn Bra or Tender

Yarn Sleeve


I had never heard of a yarn sleeve until a few weeks ago now every one of my skeins is sporting a new bra. The K1C2 brand package says, “Prevent unruly tangles and keep slippery yarns under control.” I so totally agree, that is exactly what this product does.

It’s funny that they seem them more like little girdles then sleeves or a bras. Maybe its the little curve that forms in the middle of your yarn. What ever the case it’s settled that I can no longer live without God,  a cell phone, a computer, my adult sippy cup or a yarn sleeve , but not necessarily in that order except for God, he’s always first.

There are several brands on the market. I chose three to try. They are listed in order of preference, with my very, very favorite being last. This is a strategic layout to make sure you make it to the end of my post. I don’t want you to miss anything. I only do that to people I love.

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Textured Stripes Square FREE Pattern for the Loom

Textured Stripes Square

Textured Stripes Square on a Loom

This textured stripes square Free Pattern is for an  8×8 inch or 20×20 cm square.  It is perfect for a dishcloth, washcloth, blanket,  lapghan or afghan. Put enough of them together and you can make yourself a very nice bedspread. Below the post is chart to help with sizes and number of squares for your project.  A short video tutorial coming soon will make it even easier to learn.

It is made up of two simple stitches a knit and a purl. Make note of the fact that it is a Rib Stitch pattern and so it has an elastic quality.

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The Loom Knitters Stitch Dictionary

100 Loom Knit Stitch Patterns in One Book

The Loom Knitters Dictionary

Can you even conceive 100 stitch patterns at your finger tips, readily available to you where ever you go. Pick up any computer or any device anywhere in the world and your looms and you are on your way to some awesome knitting adventure. The Loom Knitters Stitch Dictionary is the perpetual life line of stitch patterns. But as the announcers love to say, But Wait There’s More….

Three stitch sampler patterns are included to help you get started on a closet full of beautiful knitted gear for winter, spring, summer or fall.

It’s not perfect. But it’s darn close. Here are the Pros and Cons…


All Image Credit: Renee Van Hoy

To Purchase: Click HERE

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Help Choose the Award Winner

Time to Choose the Loving with Looms Award Winner

Loving with Looms 2014 Prize Winners


Let’s congratulate Theresa Jones, Faith Alkire and Nancy Lambert for winning the Loving with Looms Prize Raffle. Now it’s time for level 2 where the Judges will pick an award winner. Help them choose a winner by leaving a comment below this post by 11/22/2014.

Read the stories our judges will read to pick their winner. Tell them what you think about the 3 finalist and who you think should win the award.

These 3 beautiful ladies all use their looms to show their love for those less fortunate. I am so happy to be shipping out their prizes this week. They include a 6 Piece Loom Set, 2 Skeins of Yarn, 2 Yarn Sleeves and a Knitting Book of Loom Pattern. But there is still one more step left the Award and the $50.00 Amazon Gift Certificate.

Here are the Stories ….

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