Easy Easter Hats

Easy Easter HatsEasy Easter Hats

A loom knit hat in April? Well yeah. Some folks still have a little chill. If not , just turn the hat upside down, add an I-cord and you’ve got your self an Easter Basket.

But if you still are interested in the hat how about one that is extremely easy to do. Those are my favorites.

So what makes hats Easy Easter Hats? They are pastel in color, girly, and have a bows attached. That’s it. On this post I have included an easy to follow pattern and video for the hat and a cool video I found on YouTube for the bow. I hope you like them both.

Let’s start with the hat

The pink hat in the picture is just a beginner easy loom Knit hat completely made with an e-Wrap stitch and then pulled inside out so that it looks like you made a hat using the purl stitch. The reason I knit the reverse side is because it’s quicker and easier to knit the e-Wrap stitch then the purl.

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Diagonal Stitch on a Loom

Diagonal Stitch

Diagonal Stitch

This fancy stitch has intrigued me for a while. It is a  Diagonal Stitch that is easy to do with a simple combination of knit and purl. Below are the patterns for the Left and Right for both Flat Panel and Knitting in the Round. Scroll to the bottom for a step by step video tutorial with a lot of great extra information.

I first saw this stitch for needle knitters and it took a bit of work to translate. I do think it worked out pretty good. But to make it work well on a loom there are some Must Haves.


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KK Hat Loom – The Purple Loom is HOT

$100 for the KK Hat Loom !

KK Hat Loom

I bought the Knifty Knitter Purple Hat Loom for $14.00 on Amazon in November 2014 and now in March 2015 it is selling on eBay for $100.00.  Can you believe it?

It’s true. The KK Hat Loom is selling for 10 times its original price. I understand. This is my FAVORITE of all the Knifty Knitter looms. It was a bit hard to find when you could easily buy this brand of  looms now it’s close to impossible. Well that is unless you have $100.00 that you’re willing to invest in a loom that doesn’t even come in the original packaging. I think it’s crazy….but shipping is FREE.

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Baby Booties by Tamaira

Baby Booties by Tamaira DeVries-Liverance

 Baby Booties by Tamaira

On a Monday, my least favorite day of the week by the way I opened my Facebook page to find a picture of the most adorable baby booties. I could just picture the chubby little feet that would slip into this comfy cocoon. They so made me smile.  Well, I asked Tamaira DeVries-Liverance if I could share her little beauties with you guys because stuff that makes people smile should be shared. Not only did she let me share the picture, she let me share how she made her “Princess Slippers for the Ball”.

THANK YOU Tamaira !

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Loom Knit Scarf on Any Loom for Begginers

Loom Knit Scarf Made on Any Loom

Loom Knit Scarf

Second only to the Loom Knit Hat, the Loom Knit Scarf is among the easiest and most requested projects for new knitters. This post includes a basic pattern with text, pictures and a VERY detailed step by step video tutorial making it almost a guaranteed fact that will be able to make a scarf even if you have never knitted anything, ever.

After you’re done with the scarf, learn to make the hat. Both awesome projects to learn.  Not to mention what a great gift can be made out of the pair. Charitable organizations such as churches and shelters are always asking for that warm combo.

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Knit Stitch on a Loom All Four Versions

Knit Stitch on a Loom

KNit Stitch

When a loom knitting pattern says Knit Stitch it doesn’t always mean what you think it does. That I know of there are 4 versions of this ever-present stitch. I believe most of us have a default Knit Stitch that we always use unless someone says other wise. The problem is that although they all carry the same name they are done differently and the wrong choice can have a dramatic effect on the look and size of your knitted fabric.

So what does a loom knitter do when the pattern only says to Knit?

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Why Knit

Please Tell Me – Why Knit

Why knit

Is it just me or does this question get to everyone here. I’ve been asked this question so many times by “non-knitters” I decided that I would make a video with other knitters (any – loom, crochet, needles, weavers ) answering this question in their own words. You can post them in the comment section and if you could share pictures or short video clips to go with your answers – even better. Those you can email me at denise@loomahat.com  Please let me know if I can share your response.


This may seem like a silly question – but I don’t see it that way… ( Read More )…

Interrupted Rib Stitch on a Loom

Interrupted Rib Stitch

Interrupted Rib Stitch

This stitch also known as the Thermal Stitch does exactly what the name says, you have some stitches getting in the way of your regular rib stitch. It’s easy, looks good on both sides and works well for both men and women, what more can you ask for out of knots and yarn.

I am giving you the pattern for two Versions. The regular thinner pattern and my wider modified creation. My plan is to make a scarf for a man and by the time I get to that pattern I might just change things up a bit but in the mean time here is the pattern and video tutorial for the Interrupted Rib Stitch.

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Andalusian Stitch on a Knitting Loom

The Andalusian Stitch on a Knitting Loom

Andalusian Stitch

This simple but very cutesy stitch is another combination of the all time favorite knitting couple, the Knit and Purl. The Andalusian Stitch is easy enough for beginners yet detailed enough with its subtle bumps to give a nice textured look to any of your favorite projects.

This knit and purl do give it a somewhat elastic tension so the fabric does condense but it’s not elastic enough to replace the Rib Stitch on your brims. But is makes for a great dishcloth or washcloth. I intend to make mine a 8×8 square to send to Knit a Square.

Let me know how you used yours and now the pattern and video tutorial to help you make you own Andalusian Stitch …


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Linen Stitch on a Knitting Loom

The Linen Stitch on a Knitting Loom

Linen Stitch

I have a new obsession this week and its called the Linen Stitch. It has a very upscale and classy look. To top things off it is VERY easy to do. Below is a picture, text and video tutorial to help you with a pattern that only requires two steps.

This chance encounter began as I was looking for new stitches for my 50 New Stitches by 2016 Challenge that I plan to start soon. If you don’t know anything about me – know this – I am a stitch hog. In my quest I bumped into this beauty and fell in love. I especially like the fact that it works for both men and women’s wear. Some stitches are just not that versatile. It also has a nice texture that would work well on a dishcloth or washcloth. Below the stitch pattern is a pattern for an 8×8 square.  Well, without further ado ….


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e Wrap Cast On Loom

e Wrap Cast On Picture Text and Video Tutorial

e Wrap Cast on 1200x900

The easiest method used to start your loom knitting project is the e Wrap cast on. You’re basically just wrapping your yarn around each peg to create a base line to work on.

This simple technique can also bring about some negative outcomes

First I want to show you how to do the e-Wrap cast on , your options and how to fix those unseemly results.

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Loose Loops

Tighten Your Loose Loops of Yarn

Loose Loops


Loom knitting tends to leave a lot of loose loops especially if you knit with a large gauge loom like the Knifty Knitter or Boye. Here is an easy fix that will give you nice straight edges.

This was an issue that bothered me a lot when I first started. I sort of bumped into this solution then had to test it a few times before I felt comfortable enough to use the technique on stuff I really liked. It looks simple enough and it really is but there are times when the yarn tangles up before you reach the end.

I’ve included a short video tutorial. It’s a whole 5 minutes. Watch it until the end. Any questions or comments help you and the other person that is afraid to ask. Puts those in the comment section.

Note: This technique DOES NOT work with all cast-on. Works best with the e-Wrap cast-on. Also it will reduce the stretch on your project a bit.

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Loom Knit Boot Cuffs – Easy FREE Pattern and Video

Easy Loom Knit Boot Cuffs Pattern

Loom Knit Boot Cuffs

This is a really easy project. They knit up quick and who can’t use another set of Loom Knit Boot Cuffs even if you already have one.

Scroll down for a video tutorial to not just how to make the Loom Knit Boot Cuff but also learn how to tighten loose loops, e-Wrap, U-wrap and Basic bind-off. Very detailed instructions for a project you will repeat a lot because they make such nice gifts.

The instructions for the tassels are at the end of the pattern. For pom poms click HERE.

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Diamond Brocade Beanie Hat on a Round Loom

Diamond Brocade Beanie

Diamond Brocade Beanie

I love textured designs on knitted gear so I’m always looking for stitch patterns. The diamond brocade stitch worn by kings and peasants alike is one of my favorites.

It’s a classic sear-sucker look everyone has happily worn at some point in their life. With that nostalgic feeling in mind I set out to loom knit my first Diamond Brocade Beanie.

The project was not as difficult as I thought it would be. But it does take a long time. Well worth all the hours invested in the project.

I love this hat !

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The City Slouch Hat – Loom Knit Pattern and Video

The City Slouch Hat Video Tutorial

The City Slouch Hat


Here is a step by step video tutorial of a FREE pattern by loom knitting designer Joanna Brandt. Learn how to make The City Slouch Hat with its chic flap over brim and the easy to do ripples even if you are just a beginner.

This is a classy hat you can wear with your favorite winter gear. I was very glad to be given permission by Joanna to make this YouTube video. Like me, many of you are visual learners and many of you have picked this pattern from the list of 85 FREE hat patterns on this website. There have been a lot of comments asking for the video and both Joanna and I have heard you and here is our response to your request.

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