Basic Basket Weave Scarf Pattern and Video

Loom Knit the Basic Basket Weave Scarf

Basic Basket weave Scarf

The basic basket weave scarf is great pattern for a quick and easy gift. If you start early you can finish the project in a day. What I like the most about it is that the stitch is unisex so you can make a matching set for a cute couple. One more thing to consider is the fact that the stitch is reversible. How cool is that?

Basic Basket Weave Scarf Pattern

Basic Basket weave scarf


Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Stitches:  Knit (Use the U-wrap version of the Knit Stitch) , Purl

Loom:  Loom with at least 20 pegs. I uses a small 24-peg loom with 5 inches in diameter.

Yarn:  Approximately 250 Yards of Chunky Yarn.  I used Wool-Ease in Spice.

Tools: Loom Hook, Crochet Hook

Finished Project Size: Approximately 5 x 60 inches.

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Cast-on: e-Wrap cast-on 20-pegs. Knit 1 row.  Note: Cast on more pegs for a wider scarf.


> Row 1: Sl1, k1, (k4, p4 till the last 2 pegs), k2

< Row 2: Sl1, k1, (p4, k4 till the last 2 pegs), k2

Repeat Rows 1 and 2


> Row 5: Sl1, k1, (p4, k4 till the last 2 pegs), k2

< Row 6: Sl1, k1, (k4, p4 till the last 2 pegs), k2

Repeat Rows 5 and 6


Continue the pattern: You will repeat Rows 1-8 until you reach the desired length. I did 408 rows to get 60 inches.


Cast-off: Modified Basic Bind-off.

The Basic Basket Weave Scarf Video

As always I recommend watching the video from beginning to end before starting the project. You would be surprised how helpful that practice is to your success.

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