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walmart is cheaper

Is Walmart Cheaper for Yarn?

Is It Cheaper to Buy Yarn on Walmart Make a name for yourself and then just sit back and reap… Continue reading »

Thank YOU Video

Just Wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you. So many of you have been like food for… Continue reading »

Why the Yarn Store

Why the Yarn Shop and Not the Craft Shop

Why the Yarn Shop Instead of the Department Store During our visit to Orlando we stopped in Winter Haven Florida… Continue reading »

5 Important Facts About Knitting Looms

What Beginners Should Know About Knitting Looms Choosing the right knitting looms for your projects can be tricky. Say you want… Continue reading »

Resolutions 2017

10 Loomahat Resolutions for 2017

10 LoomaHat Resolutions for 2017 According to my Google search Resolution is defined as: a firm decision to do or… Continue reading »

Snag Free Stitch Markers

Snag Free Stitch Markers

Snag Free Stitch Markers for Knitting Looms Snag Free Stitch Markers are a cool craft project that is useful, practical and… Continue reading »

LoomAneks Character Hats

LoomAneks Character Hats are Amazing Have you seen LoomAneks Character Hats made on regular large gauge circular looms? Well they’re… Continue reading »

Start My Stitch Patterns – How I Do It and Why You Shouldn’t

How I Start My Stitch Patterns So I’m constantly asked how I start my stitch patterns. I am going to… Continue reading »

Life Like Dolls

Life Like Dolls – aka Reborn Babies – Meet My New Models

Life Like Dolls, the Beautiful, the Ugly and Mine I entered the words “Life Like Dolls” in a Google image… Continue reading »

Knifty Knitter on eBay

Review of Knock-off Knifty Knitter on eBay

Knifty Knitter on eBay Is it a good idea to buy a knock-off Knifty Knitter on eBay? Last year I… Continue reading »

No Face Doll

No Face Doll – What do You Think?

  My No Face Doll I put some crazy, wild, colorful yarn hair on my new loom knit comfort doll…. Continue reading »

KK Hat Loom

KK Hat Loom – The Purple Loom is HOT

$100 for the KK Hat Loom ! I bought the Knifty Knitter Purple Hat Loom for $14.00 on Amazon in November 2014… Continue reading »

Why knit

Why Knit

Please Tell Me – Why Knit Is it just me or does this question get to everyone here. I’ve been… Continue reading »

The Great Loom Knitting Afghan Project

Join The Great Loom Knitting Afghan Project I’m really excited about this one. New patterns, new friends and a great… Continue reading »

What Size Loom for Your Hat – Video

What Size Loom for All Your Hats Newborn to Adult I am often asked about What Size Loom for baby hats,… Continue reading »

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