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Knit and Purl Tool Video Review and Tutorial

Knit and Purl Tool for Loom Knitters The Knit and Purl Tool video, product review, tutorial and patron monthly giveaway… Continue reading »

Ultimate Oval Loom

Ultimate Oval Loom Product Review and Patron Giveaway

Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set I received the Ultimate Oval Loom from Leisure Arts for a product review. When I opened… Continue reading »

Purple loom

The Purple Loom Review and Giveaway

The Purple Loom Replacement by CinDwood   I have always loved the purple loom by Knifty Knitter. Of all the… Continue reading »

Bernat Viva in Rust Hat

Bernat Viva in Rust The Perfect Thanksgiving Yarn Option

Bernat Viva in Rust is Warm and Beautiful While on a dangerous trip through the yarn aisle in Walmart I… Continue reading »


CinDWood Looms – A Product Review

CinDwood Looms What’s Good and What’s Not I want to give you the information necessary to know if a CinDWood… Continue reading »

Life Like Dolls

Life Like Dolls – aka Reborn Babies – Meet My New Models

Life Like Dolls, the Beautiful, the Ugly and Mine I entered the words “Life Like Dolls” in a Google image… Continue reading »

Knifty Knitter on eBay

Review of Knock-off Knifty Knitter on eBay

Knifty Knitter on eBay Is it a good idea to buy a knock-off Knifty Knitter on eBay? Last year I… Continue reading »

Yarn Sleeve

Yarn Sleeve – 3 Brand Product Review

Yarn Sleeve also known as a Yarn Bra or Tender   I had never heard of a yarn sleeve until… Continue reading »

The Loom Knitters Stitch Dictionary

100 Loom Knit Stitch Patterns in One Book Can you even conceive 100 stitch patterns at your finger tips, readily… Continue reading »

Learn to Knit on Circle Looms

Learn to Knit on Circle Looms Book Review

Learn to Knit on Circle Looms an Honest Book Review The cover says 10 Easy Projects. Based on the average… Continue reading »

Product Reviews

Product Reviews Now Include a Raffle

Product Reviews now Include a Raffle ! I love giving stuff away! It’s just my nature, plus product reviews make… Continue reading »

Darice Knitting Loom

Darice Knitting Loom – A Product Review

Darice Knitting Loom The Darice knitting loom is a Great low-cost alternative to the more widely known Knifty Knitter and… Continue reading »

Spanish Knitting Books

Spanish Knitting Books for Looms

Spanish Knitting Books Spanish knitting books for loom knitting are really hard to find. If you do a Google search… Continue reading »

Loom Knitting Books

Top Ten Books for Loom Knitting

Top Ten Books for Loom Knitting   Here is my list of Top Ten Books. Great for all loom knitters… Continue reading »


Top Ten Kids Gifts for Loom Knitting

Top Ten Kids Gifts for Loom Knitting Here is my top ten kids gifts list for loom knitting fun. I… Continue reading »

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