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Purple loom

The Purple Loom Review and Giveaway

The Purple Loom Replacement by CinDwood   I have always loved the purple loom by Knifty Knitter. Of all the… Continue reading »

Bernat Viva in Rust Hat

Bernat Viva in Rust The Perfect Thanksgiving Yarn Option

Bernat Viva in Rust is Warm and Beautiful While on a dangerous trip through the yarn aisle in Walmart I… Continue reading »


CinDWood Looms – A Product Review

CinDwood Looms What’s Good and What’s Not I want to give you the information necessary to know if a CinDWood… Continue reading »

Life Like Dolls

Life Like Dolls – aka Reborn Babies – Meet My New Models

Life Like Dolls, the Beautiful, the Ugly and Mine I entered the words “Life Like Dolls” in a Google image… Continue reading »

Knifty Knitter on eBay

Review of Knock-off Knifty Knitter on eBay

Knifty Knitter on eBay Is it a good idea to buy a knock-off Knifty Knitter on eBay? Last year I… Continue reading »

Yarn Sleeve

Yarn Sleeve – 3 Brand Product Review

Yarn Sleeve also known as a Yarn Bra or Tender   I had never heard of a yarn sleeve until… Continue reading »

Darice Knitting Loom

Darice Knitting Loom – A Product Review

Darice Knitting Loom The Darice knitting loom is a Great low-cost alternative to the more widely known Knifty Knitter and… Continue reading »


Top Ten Kids Gifts for Loom Knitting

Top Ten Kids Gifts for Loom Knitting Here is my top ten kids gifts list for loom knitting fun. I… Continue reading »

Stitch Counter

Cheap Stitch Counter – Unconventional

Cheap Stitch Counter A Cheap stitch counter that works like a charm is a very valuable tool for any knitter…. Continue reading »


Boye Stitch Markers – Use on Loom as Peg Marker

Boye Stitch Markers Boye stitch markers are used by knitters in many different ways to mark their work. I use… Continue reading »

afghan loom2

Serenity Loom – An Alternative

Serenity Loom – An Alternative The Serenity loom is no longer widely available. This could be because of all the… Continue reading »

Round Loom

Knifty Knitter Product Review, Size Guide and Free Patterns

Knifty Knitter Knifty Knitter products are getting harder to find. My local Wal-Mart and my favorite craft store no longer… Continue reading »


Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) Yarn – A Product Review

Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) Yarn Vickie Howell has a beautiful line of yarn made up of rich jewel tones. I love colors and… Continue reading »


Loom Pegs Replacements – A Product Review

Loom Pegs – A Product Review I wasn’t even aware that you could buy loom pegs. I lose these all… Continue reading »


Boye Loom Set – A Product Review

Boye Loom Set The Boye loom set is basically the same as most of the major selling plastic mass-produced looms. There… Continue reading »

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