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Multiples in knitting

Multiples in Knitting a Quick Video Tutorial

Understanding Multiples in Knitting Patterns   Multiples in Knitting patterns were a total mystery to me when I first started… Continue reading »

Knotted Fringe

Knotted Fringe Instructions and Video

How to Make Knotted Fringe Knotted Fringe gives your project a classier more upscale look. These are often added to… Continue reading »

Drawstring Cast-on

Drawstring Cast-on Flat and in the Round

Drawstring Cast-on for the Loom Learn the Drawstring cast-on flat and round versions. This is a great technique for many… Continue reading »

Undo a stitch

Undo a Stitch – Remount a Loop

How to Undo a Stitch on a Knitting Loom So you made a mistake and need to undo a stitch… Continue reading »

Waste yarn cast on

Waste Yarn Cast-on for Loom Knitters

Waste Yarn Cast on You will find that some patterns ask for the Waste Yarn Cast on method. This is… Continue reading »

Loom Knitting with Floss

Loom Knitting with Floss – Free Patterns & Videos

Knitting with Floss on a Loom   I know it’s hard to imagine knitting with floss on looms but you can…. Continue reading »

Hat has holes

Loom Knit Hat Has Holes

  Does Your Loom Knit Hat Have Holes? Sherri from our Facebook page asked why her loom knit hat has… Continue reading »

Modified Basic Bind off

Modified Basic Bind Off on Loom

Modified Basic Bind Off for Loom Knit Edges The basic bind-off just wasn’t working for me. I kept getting one… Continue reading »

YTF 32 pic

Yarn to Front Technique (YTF) by Joanna Brandt

Yarn to Front Technique for Lacy Fabric   Many of us know the Yarn in Front but have you heard… Continue reading »

Locking Stitch Markers

Locking Stitch Markers – 12 Ways to Use Them

Locking Stitch Markers Just as the name implies, their main use to mark your stitches. But let me tell you… Continue reading »

Loose Loops

Loose Loops

Tighten Your Loose Loops of Yarn   Loom knitting tends to leave a lot of loose loops especially if you knit… Continue reading »

Yarn Sleeve

Yarn Sleeve – 3 Brand Product Review

Yarn Sleeve also known as a Yarn Bra or Tender   I had never heard of a yarn sleeve until… Continue reading »

What Size Loom - 150x113

What Size Loom for Your Hat – Video

What Size Loom for All Your Hats Newborn to Adult I am often asked about What Size Loom for baby hats,… Continue reading »

Knitting with one hand

Knitting with One Hand – On a Loom

Knitting with One Hand Kari King made a short video on how to loom knit a dog sweater. Her intention… Continue reading »

Best Loom for Beginners

Best Loom for Beginners

Best Loom for Beginners There is such a large array of knitting looms to choose from these days that it can make… Continue reading »

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