Headband Scarf Free Pattern and Video

Loom Knit Headband Scarf

Headband Scarf Loom knit Pattern


The headband scarf pattern is an experiment I’m hoping you guys can appreciate. It’s the solution to those bad hair days without needing to resort to the messy bun look. It’s an ear warmer attached to an open hat – but it’s not a cap. I know it’s all sounds crazy. Well you get you chance to let me know what you think by adding your questions and comments on the bottom of the page.

There are decreases but not to worry they’re not difficult at all because as always there is a step by step video for beginners and us visual learners.

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Turn ANY Hat Pattern into a Messy Bun Hat

How to Make a Messy Bun Hat from ANY Hat Pattern

Messy Bun Bind-off

In this post I want to teach you how to turn your favorite hat pattern into a Messy Bun hat pattern. It’s very easy and you don’t need to learn a special technique you don’t already know and you don’t need to add anything extra to your list of supplies. As always there is a short and simple video tutorial to help us visual learners.

If you don’t have a pattern in mind I will include a list of over 85 free patterns where you can choose one you like.

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The Scarlett Flower Free Pattern and Video

Loom Knit Flower Pattern


Loom Knit the Scarlett Flower named after one of my favorite loom knitting designers Scarlett Royal. It’s a very textured piece that works well alone but if you want to add character and drama to anything, this will do the job.

While watching Scarlett’s YouTube video for her Bonnie Bonnet pattern I learned an awesome little technique. I thought it would work nicely for making petals on flowers. I believe I was right. You tell me. Below is a FREE written pattern and step by step video tutorial.

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Mock Crochet Stitch for the Loom

The Mock Crochet Stitch on a Knitting Loom


The Mock Crochet Stitch has a great texture and look. It is not an exact duplicate of a crochet stitch and that’s okay with me because it’s still beautiful and easy to do.

I remember being a bit confused the first time I read the instructions. Like many of you I learn better if I can “see” what I need to remember so I did a short video that shows you how to knit the Mock Crochet Stitch. If you prefer to read instructions I also did that and added some pictures.

I’m thankful that Tina Edgar created this awesome technique that we can now use to make all kinds of knitted art. Thank you Tina !

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Simple Slouchy and Cowl Free Pattern and Video

Loom Knit Simple Slouchy and Cowl Pattern

Simple Slouchy and Cowl

I wanted to design a Very Simple Slouchy and Cowl pattern specifically for the true beginner. This project turned out even nicer then I had expected. Not just cozy and warm but with a splash of cool elegance which makes it great for anyone.

Best Part of All: I used 1 loom, 1 skein of yarn, knit with 1 strand of yarn and finished the set in just 1 day.

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Loom Knit Yarn Holder Bag Video

Yarn Holder Bag – Pattern Video

Yarn Holder Bag

The loom knit Yarn Holder Bag is compact, super cute and very useful. Take your knitting on an adventure in the car, the arm-chair or on the walking path. Yes you can knit and be mobile.

The staggered eyelet stitch pattern works well in this project especially when knitting with two strands as one. Its keeps your two strands close by but separated by tiny holes.


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Red Heart Americana Yarn Scarf Pattern

Americana Yarn Scarf

Americana Yarn Scarf

Stephanie Fenn is a sweet member of our Facebook family. This week she was nice enough to share her beautiful Red Heart Americana Yarn scarf picture with great information so you can make your own. Her instructions are so super easy anyone can make this. As always there is a helpful video. This one is not for the pattern but for the knit and purl stitches.

So for all of you proud Americans (me included) , and those that love anything Americana here is a great SUPER easy project. But note that the yarn is a key factor .

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Tight Stitch on a Large Gauge Loom

Tight Stitch on My Knifty Knitter

Tight Stitch

Yes you can get a tight stitch even if you use your Knifty Knitter, Boye, Loops and Threads at the beginning , through out your knitting and on the ends.

For this is need to know the different versions of the Knit Stitch. Below is a list and a short video to explain.

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Staggered Eyelet Stitch Pattern and Video

The Staggered Eyelet for the Large Gauge Loom

Staggered Eyelet

A great stitch for blankets, dish cloths and to add embellishment with strings and ribbon. I have wanted to add this to several patterns but it would work with my large gauge looms, until now. I was able to find a way to tweak the pattern so that it would work with my favorite looms.

Below is the basic pattern and a video to help the visual learner.

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Juanitas Minion a Cute Free Pattern

Loom Knit Minion Pattern

Loom Knit Minion


Some people just got it like that. They capture a concept and run with it. Juanita Husselmann followed a few patterns and within no time she was creating her own. As if that wasn’t enough she goes and designs a pattern for my favorite tiny super heroes, the Minions. They’re yellow (my favorite color), talk baby gibberish, they’re short, chubby and wear fashion forward overalls, I just love them.

Below is her Juanita’s free pattern. Very basic and easy to follow. If you want a printable PDF just click the link.This is her first so I thank her for allowing me to share with my Loomahat.com readers who I know will be kind, grateful and encouraging as always, to this beautiful young lady.

Feel free to leave comments and questions for Juanita or I in the comment section below the post.

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Multiples in Knitting a Quick Video Tutorial

Understanding Multiples in Knitting Patterns

Multiples in knitting


Multiples in Knitting patterns were a total mystery to me when I first started loom knitting. The little plus sign after the multiples was even more confusing. I tried reading blog post after blog post but just the sheer number of words was overwhelming.

Making it simple for my readers was the objective. Besides, so many other folks have already done extremely well explaining this in writing that instead of reinventing the wheel, I made a short video.

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Mock Mesh Shawl Pattern and Video

The Mock Mesh Shawl

Mock Mesh Shawl

The way you decide to wear the Mock Mesh Shawl will create more warmth or more elegance. Wrap several times around the neck and chest will be made for a very warm cowl type of winter wear. The loosely draped will open up the stitch and allow the breezy through the fabric. But the best part of this shawl is that it will look just as well over a simple t-shirt or that little black evening dress.

The pattern is a simple one and follows the stitch pattern that was posted HERE. Below is a step by step video tutorial for us visual learners.  Hope you guys like it .

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Knotted Fringe Instructions and Video

How to Make Knotted Fringe

Knotted Fringe

Knotted Fringe gives your project a classier more upscale look. These are often added to shawls, purses and even blankets and bed spreads. In Indian culture  it’s called Kuchu or Kuchchu and you will often see them on Sarees, the traditional highly decorative dress.

I created this under 5 minute video to show you how to add the technique quickly and easily. For those of you that like written instructions, you will find them below.

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The Purple Loom Review and Giveaway

The Purple Loom Replacement by CinDwood

Purple loom


I have always loved the purple loom by Knifty Knitter. Of all the circular hat looms it was the perfect one. It was hard to find when Provo Craft was actually distributing the Knifty Knitter product. I must admit that finding it now is close to impossible. It pains me to the core considering the great design.

Thank God that CinDwood has created a replacement. I am in love. Let’s look at just three of the many reasons and give you a chance to win your own.

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Loom Knit Tiny Dolls Video

How to Make Tiny Dolls on a Circular Loom Video

Tiny Dolls

I wanted to make Waldorf inspired Tiny Dolls for a long time. I kept putting off sitting down to actually design the pattern and film the video. Well the time has arrived. This is the first in a series of dolls. It’s one of those projects that I really enjoy doing and I hope you guys enjoy making.

This particular written pattern is NOT being made available here on site for free but if you follow the step by step video below you will have enough information to complete your project.

To Purchase a Downloadable PDF: Click HERE
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