Loom Knit Santa Hat Video Tutorial

Santa Hat on a Round Knitting Loom

Santa Hat

Every year someone will ask for a Santa hat pattern. This year I decided I would do an adult version. I hope you guys will like the textured brim and the knitted pom-pom. Both are a bit different but I think they make the hat a fun design.  This video is only for the hat but the knitted pom-pom video should be available shortly. The written pattern does include both the hat and the pom-pom.

The step by step video link for the hat pattern is below. Please feel free to share your questions, comments or suggestions. All of them are greatly appreciated.


Loom: 41-peg Loom. Do not use a smaller loom.

Yarn: 200 yards of worsted weight in Red and White.

Tools: Loom hook, Yarn needle

Notions:  Stitch markers, Button

Stitches: Knit (Uwrap and eWrap) and Purl

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As will all projects I recommend that you watch the video completely before starting the project.

Santa hat

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  1. Valerie December 6, 2017 at 11:15 pm Reply

    Denise, thank you for all your great work. As a beginner loom-atic I’m grateful.
    I’m working on this pattern, and the brim is coming out tight. I have 14 rows and it doesn’t seem to want to stretch yet like yours did at 31 rows. It’s only currently about 1 1/2 inches… Is that normal? I’m doing it as loose as I can. Will it get looser as it comes off the loom?
    I ask because I am going to start to weave in some furry yarn at the halfway point on the brim between the rows. (So the furry is on the outside only)

    What do u think? I don’t want to have to rip it and start over if I can avoid it.
    I’m using a single strand worsted #4 yarn.

    • Denise Canela December 9, 2017 at 2:20 pm Reply

      Valerie – if the yarn is a lot thicker (not all worsted weights are alike) that may be why the stitches seem tighter. You might have to change your stitch to the eWrap instead of the Uwrap. If you do change the stitch decrease the number of rows by about 3-5. BUT- keep in mind that the Uwrap stitch seems tight until you stretch the stitch.

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