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whoville leaf

Whoville Leaf Pattern Video

Loom Knit Leaves on a Round Loom Last week I filmed a video for the Rib Stitch Flower and I… Continue reading »

Loom Knit Flower Rib Stitch

Rib Stitch Flowers on a Round Loom Video

Rib Stitch Flowers Pattern Video The Rib Stitch Flowers are sweet little puffy daisy looking floral. They make great pin… Continue reading »

loom knit scarlett flower

The Scarlett Flower Free Pattern and Video

Loom Knit Flower Pattern Loom Knit the Scarlett Flower named after one of my favorite loom knitting designers Scarlett Royal…. Continue reading »


How to Loom Knit a Flower – A Very Different Flower

How to Loom Knit a Flower –  The Flat Hat Flower I wasn’t looking to learn how to loom knit… Continue reading »

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