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Interrupted Rib Stitch

Interrupted Rib Stitch on a Loom

Interrupted Rib Stitch This stitch also known as the Thermal Stitch does exactly what the name says, you have some stitches… Continue reading »

Spanish Knitting Books

Spanish Knitting Books for Looms

Spanish Knitting Books Spanish knitting books for loom knitting are really hard to find. If you do a Google search… Continue reading »

Mens Knit Hat

Mens Knit Hat – The Parthenon – FREE PATTERN

Mens Knit Hat A great Mens knit hat. The Parthenon, is a good-looking manly hat. Currently a Free loom knitting pattern… Continue reading »

Flat Drawstring Cast Off

Flat Drawstring Cast Off / Bind Off

Flat Drawstring Cast Off The Flat Drawstring Cast Off by Jeannie Phillips is my favorite method of closing a hat…. Continue reading »



e-Wrap – The Best First Stitch e-Wrap, whether to cast-on or knit it is the most important technique you can learn… Continue reading »

Amigurumi Dolls

Amigurumi Dolls Amigurumi dolls are everywhere. Funny name, beautiful artwork. I have looked for some loom knitting patterns to try…. Continue reading »


Boye Loom Set – A Product Review

Boye Loom Set The Boye loom set is basically the same as most of the major selling plastic mass-produced looms. There… Continue reading »

Knitting with Floss

Friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelet made on a Spool Loom A Friendship bracelet is not just for kids in camp to give each other before… Continue reading »


How to Loom Knit a Preemie Hat for a Baby

How to Loom Knit a Preemie Hat – Video and Picture Tutorial Learn how to Loom knit a preemie hat in… Continue reading »

Knitting with an Attention Disorder

For Attention Disorder Sufferers: You Can Knit! Most people use a pattern when they knit. I’m not sure whether I… Continue reading »


Loom Knit a Doll

Loom Knit Dolls – Easy I looked for a guide on how to loom knit a doll. I wanted to… Continue reading »


How to Loom Knit Baby Booties with a Flower Loom

How to Loom Knit Baby Booties : Very Cute Very Easy  I wanted to loom baby booties for charity. Priority number… Continue reading »

Loom Knit a Hat

How to Loom Knit a Hat EASY

How to Loom Knit a Hat- Easy Learn how to loom knit the basic hat is almost fail-proof with a… Continue reading »

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