Thread a Yarn Needle – Picture and Video Tutorial

Thread a Yarn Needle – Easy to Follow Pic, Text & Video Tutorial

Thread a Yarn Needle

Some thick or textured yarns like Lions Brands Homespun Thick and Quick or the all-time favorite baby yarn, Pipsqueak make it difficult to thread a yarn needle. Here is a cool, simple tip with pictures and a 33 second video. It was sent to me by one of my awesome blog readers who watched a video I created for a 10-year old friend that wanted to teach her classmates how to loom knit for charity. At the very bottom of the post is that video – the last few minutes show the funny needle threading episode. Caution: some folks don’t find the humor in it, some were even offended. That one I really don’t get. To bad for them they missed the point. 🙂


Thread a Yarn Needle
At the end of the video when Jackie is ready to close her hat things go south as she attempts to thread a yarn needle. Normally this is something I would have edited out but I left it in only because the video was made FOR kids and most kids give up when things don’t go their way .. but Jackie stayed on task. By-the-way I have received REALLY nasty comments that I had to delete on another channel where I posted the video and even a direct email from a lady that cursed me out. Maybe because I wasn’t helping Jackie with the issue or because the “highly concerned” lady didn’t know or understand my reasons for not excluding this awkward situation.

Anyway, back then I didn’t know about this easy five step method that D.A. just shared with me but now I do and so do you. By all means share this tip with your kids and those you love.

Hope this helps many …… below is the video that prompted this How to post.

Image Credit: D.A. Fox

5 Easy Steps: How to Thread a Yarn Needle

Above is a picture college of the steps listed below.

1. Cut or tear paper no wider than the eye of the needle and long enough to easily fold and thread through the eye.

2. Place yarn in the center of the strip of paper

3. Fold one side of the paper over the top of the yarn, aligning the paper ends

4. Holding the paper ends together, slide the ends through the eye of the needle

5. Hold paper ends together and slide through the eye of the needle.

Done !!!  

QUICK 33 second video demonstration of : How to Thread a Yarn Needle



THANK YOU D.A. … You are AWESOME girlfriend !


Video: 10-year old Teaches Loom Knitting



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