Whoville Leaf Pattern Video

Loom Knit Leaves on a Round Loom

whoville leaf

Last week I filmed a video for the Rib Stitch Flower and I promised to do one for the leaf. Below is the video for the funky little leaf. I hope you guys like it, I named it the Whoville Leaf because it reminds of the little town in the Dr. Seuss videos.

Supplies and Information for Whoville Leaf:

Whoville leaf

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Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Stitches:  Knit (you will be using the e-Wrap and U-wrap versions of the Knit Stitch) 

Loom:  Small 24-peg loom with 5 inches in diameter.

Yarn:  Scraps of worsted weight yarn.

Tools: Loom Hook,  Blunt Needle , Locking Stitch Markers

Notions: Stitch Markers


Whoville Leaf Video Below:

Whoville Leaf


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