Wire Spiral – Easy How to Video Tutorial

How to do a Wire Spiral Video Tutorial

wired spiral

A wire spiral is very useful for several craft projects. I like to use them as card holders for seating arrangements. You can also put short announcements, reminders and even a quick list. They can also hold your post it notes off your computer screen.  For that I might need 12 bakers dozen. Not to worry, because they are quick and easy to make. Now all you have to do is make the base and for that I have a cute idea below.

This short video shows how to make wire spirals with supplies you probably already have at home. No special tools are necessary. 

Supplies Needed

wire spiral rib stitch flower

Wire: 26-gauge – length depends on your project. I used 10 -12 inches for the ones in the picture above.

Tool: Any pencil, yellow stick or rounded object.

Scissors: Any household scissors


Video Tutorial

wire spiral



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