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Loom a Hat: The Easy Way to Knit a Hat

How to Loom Knit a HatLoom a Hat easily. Round Loom knitting is fun and almost fail-proof for people of all ages and of all knitting capacities, even with zero knitting experience or capacity. You need very basic, simple skills. If you can pull two strings with a hook you don’t need to know much more. That is the most important part and the one technique you will do the most.

I learned to loom a hat at a Joann Fabric store product demonstration. In less than 10 minutes the Knifty Knitter representative had taught me the first two basic steps needed to loom a hat. I didn’t even have time to learn how to close the hat, I had to figure that part out at home with the little booklet that comes with the Loom Knitting Kit .

Don’t worry if you don’t learn it in 10 minutes. I’m almost sure you don’t have a learning deadline. Take your time The awesome news is that once you know how to loom a hat all the other projects on this site are just minor adjustments of the first. You’ll be off making more than just hats, everything from booties to pillows and from dolls to doll dresses. You have my promise that all will be fun, simple and quick.

Scroll Down for Size Chart, Pattern , Picture , Text and Video Tutorial


Supplies Needed

The supply list is made up of 4 Must Have Items and 2 optional . A loom, yarn, hook and scissors make up the first group. Yarn needles and crochet hooks make loom knitting easier but are not vital.
How to Loom Knit a HatNote on Supplies:
The Loom: Check out the Loom Size Chart below to make sure you start with the correct loom.

The Yarn: I prefer the soft worsted weight yarn. It’s thick, making the work tighter and quicker.

The Hook : Should be included with the Loom Set.

Yarn Needle:  Like the hook,  Should be included with the Loom Set. You shouldn’t need to buy these separately. I buy my needle separately because I prefer the Susan Bates over the one included.

Crochet Hook: I will sometimes use these to help close the hat or to feed yarn through the knitting.

Click the image to buy any of the supplies listed here:

Loom Hook

Yarn Hook

Yarn Loom


Loom a Hat

Yarn Needle

Sharp Scissors

Loom a Hat



Loom Size / Hat Size

Size Chart is based on Averages. The information is only a recommendation. Please use your own judgement in the final decision.

Note: Rows are based on 1 strand of thick yarn or 2 strands of light or medium weight yarn, e-Wrap Stitch and No Brim.
Chart Update: 10/2014
For a Folded Brim you may need 6 - 18 rows depending on the recipient. Note that to make the brim you fold the knitting in half.

1 inch = 2.54 centimeters
Hat RecipientAvg Head
Loom Size Hat LengthNumber
of Rows
AG Doll11 in / 27 cmSm 24 Pegs4 in20
Preemie12 in / 30 cmSm 24 Pegs4 - 5 in20-25
Newborn 14 in / 36 cmSm 24 Pegs5 - 6 1/2 in25-30
Baby - 1 yr.18 in / 46 cmMd 31 Pegs7 in25-30
Toddler21 in / 53 cmLrg 36 Pegs7 in25-30
Tweens & Teens22 in / 56 cmLrg 36 Pegs8 in30-34
Women & Lean Men22 in / 56 cmLrg 36 Pegs8 - 9 in32-40
Lrg Women & Men24 in / 61 cmX-Lrg 41 Pegs9 -10 in38-45



How to Loom Knit a HatNote Before Starting:

Leave a 1-2 inch tail on your working yarn for a slip knot.

Size: My formula for rows using my recommendation: worsted weight yarn and knitting with  2 strands as 1 –  is 3 stitches and 4 rows for 1 inch of knitted fabric.

So before you start decide on the size of your brim and the size of the body of your hat. This will help you get a custom fit which is why we knit instead of shop.


Loom a Hat PATTERN:

For a Printable Version of This Pattern: Click to Purchase a PDF

Use worsted weight yarn. Two strands of yarn as One.

1. Make a (slip) Knot:  Place it on your anchor peg. ( the lonely peg outside of rim your loom )

How to Loom Knit a Hat







2. (Cast on) Wrap all the pegs twice: This should give you 4 strands per peg.

How to Loom Knit a Hat







3. Knit (e-Warp stitchWith your hook – flip the bottom two strands over and behind the top two. Continue around the whole loom.  You will be left with two strands on each peg.

e wrap




Note When you have looped all the top loops on the peg and are back at the anchor peg  You finished 1 row ! After 2 or 3 rows you can release the working yarn from the anchor peg.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have your desired length.  Average adult is 32 rows.  A good rule to follow when working with 2 strands, knit 4 rows for every 1 inch of length.

See the size chart above for length.

If you want a Brim ( Scroll down for pictures )

How to Loom Knit a HatThis happens at the beginning  When you start your hat – knit twice the length (height) that you want for your brim. Then fold your knitting from the bottom. Grab the bottom row (should be a bit curled up) place a loop on each peg. Then with your hook (Knit)  – flip the bottom two strands over and behind the top two. Continue around the whole loom.  You will be left with two strands on each peg.  Now you can start knitting the hat using steps 2-4 . On a personal note: I like my brims to be 2 inches so I knit 16 rows. My formula is 4 rows per inch. The brim is folded so you have to double the number of rows. – I do not put brims on Baby Hats.


To Close the Hat ( Scroll down for pictures ):  (Gathering Method)

Using your working yarn wrap around the loom until you are at the half-way mark and cut the yarn or measure out about 12 to 15 inches and cut the yarn.  Thread your yarn needle with that yarn tail. Feed the needle through the first peg. Lift the yarn loop off the peg using the needle. It will gather to the side of your work. Continue all the way around the loom repeating the same task until your work comes off the loom. YOU’RE DONE!

Loom a Hat:  Start by Watching the Video From Start to Finish

How to Loom Knit a HatI recommend that you start by watching the video from start to finish before even gathering your supplies. Most people learn by watching some one else go through the process. Don’t be fearful that you don’t know loom knitting jargon. I only use regular everyday words in explaining the process.

If after you watch the video you still feel that there is a part of making the hat that is not quite clear don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most people feel the same way. That is why I have divided the Loom a Hat lesson into three parts, not because of difficulty but for reference purposes. Some people will get stuck on just one part of the process and the loom a hat 3 part method  makes it easier to focus on just the problem area without needing to repeat the entire process. The three parts would be, Start the Hat,  Make the Brim,  Close the Hat.  You may be asking what happened to looming the hat, well that’s here. The others are for review.

So let’s get started by watching the video! If necessary you can later follow the links below for three tutorials with lots of written text and pictures. If you get stuck on one part of the project… feel free to return to that spot as many times as is necessary.




First Steps to Loom Knitting

How to Loom Knit a Hat


Start the Brim

How to Loom Knit a Hat

Finish the Brim

How to Loom Knit a Hat

Finish Hat

How to Loom Knit a Hat

Part 2 of Closing the Hat

How to Loom Knit a Hat

Close the Hat

How to Loom Knit a Hat


Use the Links Below to Review any Part of the Loom a Hat Project

STEP 1:   Start the Hat             STEP 2:    Make the Brim        STEP 3:    Close the Hat

Below are pictures of projects made using the simple loom knit hat as a base. The gallery will be updated regularly so come back often to see what’s new. Better yet subscribe to this blog for email updates on loom knit projects, tips, and ideas.

Some of the Projects You CAN Make

How to Loom Knit a Hat

 Loom Knit a Doll Dress ……..  Loom Knit a Doll …….  Loom Knit Baby Booties…….  Loom a Hat-Easy

I hope to give you the necessary tools to help you feel confident that you have the ability to make many fun and practical projects with just basic loom knitting knowledge.

If you feel brave and you want to try some more hat patterns that are a bit more complex but still lots of fun. Click Here or Click the picture below for a list of FREE patterns. The table is update contently.

How to Loom Knit a Hat

Feel free to give me feedback and to share your personal ideas for loom knitting.



Cute Baby Hats – Click the Picture for More Information and Free Pattern Links

How to Loom Knit a Hat


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  1. Mary January 27, 2015 at 4:09 pm Reply

    Knit (e-Warp stitch) With your hook – flip the bottom two strands over and behind the top two. Continue around the whole loom. You will be left with two strands on each peg.

    ** Why do I have such a hard time doing this?? (above)

    Love your web site. You are so easy to watch.

  2. Estrellita Tuttle January 19, 2015 at 1:27 am Reply

    thank you for sharing your video……i’m not good on reading the instructions…..for me i need to see it…….you are so easy to follow…..and like the tone of your voice…..very informative too. i’ll be a first time grandma pretty soon and i would like to make baby’s hat. thank you again!

  3. Ginny January 13, 2015 at 7:24 pm Reply

    Best tutorial I’ve watched so far! Thank you.

  4. Ruth January 11, 2015 at 6:41 am Reply

    Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful knowledge with us. After weeks of discouragement in trying to make a hat, I finally made my first one yesterday, thanks to you and your tutorials! All the best to you!

    • Denise Canela January 11, 2015 at 1:02 pm Reply

      Thank YOU Ruth I so appreciate your kind words.
      Many Many Hugs,

  5. JT January 6, 2015 at 9:26 pm Reply

    Hi again Denise! I’m the one who had trouble working with two skeins (first time doing) and switched over to working with bulky. With the bulky (#5) I moved up to the yellow loom cause I figured bigger yarn, bigger loom. OMG! It’s gorgeous!!!! Am now back to working with two skeins and everything is fine. Thank you so much for your video and your guidance on how to work with a loom. Got our first snow yesterday and I proudly put on my hat and pranced around the neighborhood liked I’d been knitting all my life. Compliments were at every stop I made. Felt sooooooooo good! Thanks! JT

    • Denise Canela January 7, 2015 at 8:55 am Reply

      You are TOOOO cute…… glad I could help.

  6. JT January 1, 2015 at 10:01 pm Reply

    Hi Denise! Well, I tried my first hat on the loom (green) with 2 skeins (reg. worsted). I found it to be very cumbersome when doing the stitches. Now…first time doing anything is a learning project. My question is can I use a “bulky” yarn instead of 2 skeins? And which bulky would you suggest? Yes, the hat came out great….love it….but want something alittle bit easier (for me) to work with. Thansk jt

    • Denise Canela January 2, 2015 at 12:34 pm Reply

      YES , Chunky Yarn # 5 or Super Bulky (Chunky ) #6 work great and yes just 1 strand is a lot easier. Paton’s Shetland is my favorite – To see it – Click HERE

  7. Denise kaaihue December 13, 2014 at 8:50 pm Reply

    Thanks I hope I can do this its looks so easy..:)

  8. laurann December 8, 2014 at 10:03 pm Reply

    Awesome easy to follow!!! Thanks a bunch!!!

  9. Carolyn December 1, 2014 at 7:48 pm Reply

    I am a beginner in loom knitting. Your videos are so easy to understand. Thank you for explaining in detail and taking your time for visual learners like myself….thanks, Denise……

  10. Ken Slattery July 30, 2014 at 9:14 pm Reply

    I am a retired senior who has just taken up loom knitting, needing something to do that did not require a large cash outlay for tools and materials. I need some help. I am doing the circle knit stitch and do not know if I am doing something wrong, or this is the way the knitting should go. i have read and watched a lot of tutorials and still have my doubts. Here is my problem…as iI do the circle knitting the “knit over loop” continues to increase in size as I go along. I do not think that is right. Is it supposed to do that? If not what do you think I am doing wrong? I would appreciate any help you could pass along, or any place I could get an answer. Thanking you in advance, and sitting here frustrated in Arizona…..Ken S.

    • Denise Canela September 1, 2014 at 12:47 pm Reply

      Hi Ken, sorry for the delay in responding I’ve been ill for a bit. Just trying to catch up.

      You are knitting correctly if the project is increasing in size. When you finish the hat the knitting will contract and be a normal size. Now depending on the size of your loom (not necessarily the number pegs) it will be for an adult or child. Are you using a Knifty Knitter or something like it? If yes, use my size chart to know which loom to use : Click Here

  11. laura May 29, 2014 at 4:05 pm Reply

    I am making my first beanie style hat on a round loom and am confused as to what to do with the small strand of yarn that I initially connected to my round loom with. I did not do a brim. Help please! :-)

    • Denise Canela May 29, 2014 at 8:29 pm Reply

      Laura, best thing to do is to get a crochet hook and weave that thread up into the inside (wrong side) of the hat.

  12. Anna May 28, 2014 at 1:38 am Reply

    Wow, I liked the videos on making hats, am not as good as I had seen in the videos, but Im sure I can pick up those ideas on how to do them!! Great patterns! :)

  13. Jenni January 11, 2014 at 11:42 pm Reply

    I just finished my very first hat!!! It fits a little snug, but the length is perfect. I used the green Knifty Knitter loom and the yarn I used is Red Heart with Love in Pewter and in Waterlily. I am so proud, and it was the most fun craft I’ve ever tried. I’m ready to make a matching scarf now! Well, I need to sleep and go to church in the morning, but as soon as I get home, I’m starting my scarf!

    • Denise Canela January 12, 2014 at 11:18 am Reply

      Hi Jenni, first of all congrats on your blog. Went for a peek – was there for an hour. Now I feel like we’re friends. Yes the internet is a pit we fall into to often. It keeps us from answering questions we get on our blogs. :). Anyway, I can say that I enjoyed myself. You are soooo real, love to hear that other folks with teenagers have regular homes with disaster areas. The movie and books reviews were GREAT.
      Now to your hats, CONGRATS! Don’t be afraid of using the big KK yellow loom for hats. It looks scary big – but it does fit regular folk. See the Slouchy Hat post. That hat was made with an extra large loom. This is a good one to make for your kids. They’ll rise up and call you Blessed. : ).. thought you’d like that. Please send pics!

  14. Missy January 2, 2014 at 6:40 am Reply

    I bought the round loom kit and the scarf loom for my 11 yr old granddaughter for Christmas, she loves the child activity sets, so I bought these instead of the toy loom. She left them with me to try first, lol, I was intimidated at first but after having to redo the first 2 rows a couple of times (too tight) I got the hang if it and she may not get these back. I just wanted to tell you thanks for the easy way you teach this in the video and I hope to make lots and lots of these. Again thank you

    • Denise Canela January 2, 2014 at 6:09 pm Reply

      You are VERY welcome Missy. Thanks sooooooooo much for all your kind words. They mean ALOT to me.

  15. Michelle December 21, 2013 at 9:49 am Reply

    Thank you so much for all the time you have spent creating these awesome videos and directions!

  16. marilyn huck October 30, 2013 at 10:20 pm Reply

    those minion hats are cuite

  17. Kim Vargas February 25, 2013 at 10:12 pm Reply

    What size loom do you generally use for adult female? The large looks huge…

    • Denise Cenela February 26, 2013 at 6:54 pm Reply

      I know it does :)… But it really depends on the style of hat you plan to make and do you want it long / short, tight or loose. Also make note of the fact that although women tend to be smaller then men – we have more hair. I do use the large yellow for my bucket hats.By-the-way, my twelve year old wears them. Those are the ones you see a lot on this site. Go to the video page and you will see two of them. The green loom makes tight fit hats for adults – like the beanies. Hope that helps

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